19 July 2011

Do you ever get that feeling...

...that when it rains it pours?  I don't mean in a Katrina-sweeping-away-lives rain.  I mean a warm, gentle "wanna-put-on-my-rain-boots-and-play-in-a-puddle rain.  So, I logged into Facebook the other day and saw the following poem on my son's wall:

One day when I get to your kingdom
and finally understand the true meaning of freedom,
I will only have one question to ask
Please allow me to look at my childhood past
to finally and truly see
that the truth will set you free
and that evil is only within the mind
that we must leave the faulty errors behind
for when we see Your rod
we know it is You, 
our only hero,

I like it.  So I asked who wrote it and he responded, "me".  I am SOO proud of my kreative kids!!!  I love that he said it "just came to me and I had to write it down!"  and I was INSTANTLY inspired to scrap document this!  The current challenge at Color Combos Galore was the perfect palette for me to quickly complete this layout:
This is the one I made for Mahd to keep...I'm still working on ours.  He smiled when he saw it today...I don't know if that really means anything since he smiles when you LOOK at him!  I also happened to visit Sassafras' blog and saw that the July challenge is to mix and match different Sass lines.  RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!!  Those letters on the page above?  They're Sassafras circa 1914!!!  I exaggerate but they ARE at least five years old!  I've been doing really well with using my stash this year and letter stickers for journaling helps me out quite a bit!  My goal is to attend summer CHA next year with a clean slate!  I mean, I have some papers and embellies that I'm just stocked up on (like Scenic Route graph papers and alphabet stickers!)  But I wanna do away with the stuff I'm HOARDING!  Someone else can use them and I can use the SPACE!  I'll get off my soapbox now and show you the page I made:

This picture was taken during one of Mahd's football practices.  I almost always take the camera because I never know what memories I might capture!  This particular day, Kea had tried several times to run out on the field and join the practice and I kept reeling him back!  I guess he wore himself out (it WAS about 95 degrees!) and sat down on my lap in submission and I pounced with the cam!  I LOVE messy pages so this really makes me happy!  I just saw that Sass has a few challenges going on this week while they're away at CHA so maybe I'll get to play some more with them...IF I get two minutes to rub together!!!

The July kit has been revealed over at Kreatorville (go SEE!!!)and two of the pages I completed were featured in the post.  But, this kit inspired me so much that I actually did about TWENTY pages, some cards AND some home decor items!  I know having a trillion pix from the Man's birthday party  inspired me and I did a few 8x8's for his book:

But I just also loved the papers and colors SOO much!  Crate Paper ALWAYS makes me swoon and the Campy Trails line by American Crafts...ahh, the MASCULINITY of it...LOVE! Coupled with the AWESOME handmade Aptly Kreative embellishment for the July kit they're PERFECT for this Mahd page:
My son LOVES chicken!  It's kinda like Bubba from Forrest Gump with fowl instead of shrimp.  He'll eat it any way; he'll eat it any day.  He'll eat it on bread or standing on his head.  It's late...the Dr. Seuss comes out in me!  I actually took these pix one day to time him and he finished EVERYTHING on his plate in THIRTY ONE MINUTES!  DAAAYYYYNG!!!!  Dude is serious about his chicken!  I'm glad I was able to use those corrugated Rusty Pickle numbers too.  I love them...a lot...but since I scrap mostly 8.5x11, they tend to overwhelm most pages I do!  I also got to use bits and pieces from vintage Kreatorville kits so this page makes me REALLY happy!!!

I'm soo excited but NERVOUS about tonight!  Remember when I told you that I was asked to participate in Masterful Scrapbook Design's July webinars?  Well, my show is scheduled for tonight (Tuesday, 19 July) at 9:30 EST...which is 8:30 my (Central Standard) time.  You can go HERE to subscribe to the webinar.  It's really an awesome deal: for $12.50 you have access to my webinar as well as the other three teachers for July (Celeste Smith, Vee Jennings and Lynnette Penacho) as WELL AS a free 12 lesson e-class!!!  I mean, I'm excited about dissecting my work with like minded individuals but what if I choke...literally.  What if all I can remember is "Hi my name is Kean".  Debbie will ask, "so on this page, what inspired you to tear the paper in that manner?"  and I'll be like giggle, giggle "did I tell you my name is Kean?"  It's just that I kinda have stage fright around peeps I don't know.  Here's my confession: when I was a little girl, I had an EXTREMELY raspy voice.  The doctor told my parents that when I was learning to speak, I obviously got a cold and started speaking with my false folds instead of the true vocal cords.  (Did you know you have false folds?  I didn't either.  And this has been your medical lesson for the day...you're welcome!)  So I was teased a lot when I was younger. My Daddy would call me Whispers which would have been cute if my classmates and the dude I had a crush on when I was six weren't telling me I sounded like a man.  Don't worry...I'm TOO cute to still be bothered by what some idiots said to me in 1865!  I'm not that little girl...dude, if God allows...I'll be forty in a few months!  It's just that I always get that twinge when I have to talk to people for the first time like, what will they think???  I'm sure it'll be fine because this lady (who makes me cry real tears when I laugh and this chica (who I happen to think is sweet as honey) will be there for support so I should be FINE...riiight????  I'll be back tomorrow to share some of the pages I kreated especially for Masterful Scrapbook Design!


Pocono Pam said...

YOur son's poem touched my heart! Miss you mama! XOXOXOXO

Charity said...

Ok starting backwards since that's the freshest in my mind....
How exciting!! Your own Webinar....what am I doing tonite??

Happy to see the July reveal!!

Great photo of You and Monkeyboy Jr....love the sketch you used.

And man, can the manboy write?? It's great that you've created something with his writing....they secretly love that you know. They'll never tell you, they just smile and nod, but they're eating it up inside.

Miss you. Talk soon.

Cindy Gay said...

The alphas and the journaling in the top layout are superb!

Charity said...

Ummmmm.... I just opened my twopeas email to see your layout of Mahd as one of the features!!!!

MaryC said...

You did a great job last night. So glad I was there in person so I could participate. You are too much fun!
Your son is a very thoughtful poet. I love the poem. Tell him please write more.

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