06 June 2011

My husband turned...

...45 on the 2nd.  As I do with for every holiday or event, I pulled out my craft yummies and made a card for him from his wife as well as from Kea.  When my boys were babies I took great joy in putting the pen in my right hand and writing messages "from them".  But, John told me for Mother's Day he wrote a message on a sheet of paper and Kea wrote it inside my card himself.  So, I decided to do the same for Daddy's card.  I gave Kea this
card that I made using the May and June Kreatorville Kraft kits and told him we would be writing on the INNNNSIDE!  That was cool with him.  But then I gave him this
and told him we he would be writing these words and he said, "No...I'll write an H!"  I'm like fo REAL OCD when it comes to stuff like this but my mind was like, "Chill.  Let him attempt the H and if it doesn't turn out right...THEN you beat him!!!"  But GUESS WHAT???  He SAID he would write it and HE DID!!!  I started thinking, if he can write an H from memory MAYBE he can write the other letters, too!!!  So, I took the cheat sheet away and just told him which letters to write and he produced this
We had some kreative differences over placement as the HAPPY extends down into the BIRTH and the D in DAY somehow got sent to the end of the line...and WHAT in the HIZZIE is going on with that E???  I THINK he heard OCTOPUS instead of E!  But...it CLEARLY says Happy Birthday KEA and I'm TOOOO stoked!!!  I like this lil kid...I like him a LOT!!!!

In scrappy news, I got an email last month where THIS lady asked if she could interest me in teaching an online webinar.  UMMM...dude?  SERIOUSLY???  For future reference if anyone out there has similar endeavors for me you DON'T NEED TO ASK!!!  Send me an email telling me what's due and WHEN...I am SOOO there!!!  I'm pretty excited to see my name all up on the Get It Scrapped site
in conjunction with all those hard hitters!  Does that mean I rock as hard as them?  Why, yes...I think it DOES!!!(Go to the website if you're interested in getting some great ideas to jump start your kreativity!!!)  I was also asked to join a scrappy team which is near and dear but I'll wait until THEY tell you before I DO!!!  I guess since it's 3:30 am I should LAY MY BOOGIE DOWN!!!  Be back soon with some new scrappiness and pix from the hubbs' birthday barbecue!


Natalie Elphinstone said...

Awesome work to you and Kea! What great writing! My Bethany is 4 and I still have to remind her that 'E' only has 3 arms - otherwise she does the same thing!
And congrats on the Get it Scrapped Guest spot. Great news! Off to check it out now :-)

Nitasha said...

Your baby's handwritten message is too cute! Definitly a card that will be treasured, I'm sure! And, Congrats on your happy scrappy news!!!

Nancy H. said...

I had to stop and comment on that card! Absolutely made my heart swell...that is the most precious card EVER!!!!!!! What a little honey!!! thoroughly enjoyed reading your entire creative process on this...LOL!! still has me chuckling! :) and super congrats on your latest endeavor!

Papercrafting Princess said...

I just love to see Kea'a handwriting. Can't wait when he grows up and see how much it has changed! Your articles are always fun to read. Congratulations on the on-line opportunity!

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