03 February 2014

I had SUCH great plans...

...for Super Bowl Sunday.  I mean, my hometown team was knocked out of the playoffs so...EH.  I thought my husband would be soo caught up in the game that he would stare glossy-eyed at the tv and give me a few uninterrupted hours to do something of the UTMOST importance...SCRAP.  I haven't paper crafted with any regularity in.YEARS.  So this was my big chance to kreate some loveliness right?  LIES.  The game was a blowout.  And as much as The Man loves sports he.will.not.dignify.a.blowout.with.more.than.a.glance.  So instead of game watching and paper crafting, we snuggled and tickled...snacked and laughed...rocked out with Bruno and screamed out the words with the Chili Peppers...ok, that was just me (giveitawaygiveitawaygiveitawayNAH!!!!) Needless to say the big scrappy comeback didn't happen yesterday but I was reassured of something: even when things don't go as WE plan...God always makes them turn out right!!!!  What did YOU do on Super Bowl Sunday?
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