21 July 2011

Was I Masterful?

The webinar yesterday started off like a train wreck but I ended up feeling like a lottery winner!!!  I was SOOO nervous and my heart was pounding.  I've never done this before and I was worried...would something go wrong...of COURSE it did!!!  I put the headset that Debbie sent to me on top of our freezer to make sure the littlest boy didn't destroy it before I got the chance to USE them...I thought that would be the crux of my problems...FOOL!! My discussion was scheduled to begin at 8:30...my computer froze at 8:05.  Hubbs and I decided that he would take the boys and leave for an hour.  When the technical difficulties began, I demanded asked the teen boy to stay home to be my audio technician...needless to say, I was NOT his friend!  He wanted to go with Dad to do something fun.  WhatEVER, dude!!!  Have you ever watched Royal Pains? This doctor lost his job because he chose to save a (nobody) kid over a billionaire hospital board member and his brother encourages him to become a concierge doctor.  Hank's the doctor and Evan's the brother.  Well, when Evan and Hank are having a phone conversation that Evan doesn't particularly want to hear, he pretends that there's static on the line and he's going through a tunnel.  Well, that's what Debbie sounded like.  I had to laugh to keep from crying.  First MY computer and then Mahd's? God WHY have You to led me to this webinar with faulty equipment???  When Debbie said, "You can just call in"...well, I REALLY heard angels singing.  I was having a good time...explaining my techniques to people who really care...and then the pages we were discussing disappeared from the screen.  I pray EVERY day, people...mostly for patience. I have LOTS of love and empathy...which I OBVIOUSLY exchanged for patience!  At this point, my chest started tightening up and I almost started hyperventilating!  It's a good thing I've looked at those pages about a thousand times over the last few months and I could see them in my sleep because I was able to visualize the elements she was asking about until Mahd was able to unfreeze his screen.  I really enjoyed it a GREAT deal!!!  I made a few new scrappy pals...what UP, Mary??  Get those HATS ready for our pictures in Vegas!!!  And Tams and I laughed but not so much that Debbie won't ask me to come back...right, Debbie?  PLEEEEASE???  I want to share a few (or SEVEN!) of the pages that I kreated especially for Masterful Scrappers:
I HAD TO share this page first (and separately!) because (in my humble opinion) it's the best one I've kreated lately.  Kea broke my Daddy's glasses and then cheerfully walked up to me to SHOW me that he broke them!  God was with him THAT day, because the idea for this page IMMEDIATELY popped into my head and I was too excited about kreating to choke him!  

Those are some GORGEOUS young men!  (This is my space...I can gush if I wanna!!!)

The "One with the 'Fro" page is another that came together rather quickly.  The picture on the left is of me and my Daddy Ernest in front of our church on Easter Sunday when I was 7.  When we took a picture together in the SAME SPOT this year, I knew that I had to scrap them together! 

I REALLY enjoyed this webinar and hope I inspired some artists (OTHER than Tami who MIGHT just buy stock in Sharpie!!!)

And it MUST still be rainin' on me!!!  I participated in Color Combos Galore blog hop a few days ago and when I logged on yesterday I saw that I won a set of handmade butterflies from Kelly!!!  I PROMISED her that I wouldn't hoard them so I'll show some kreations using them soon! THEN, I find out that my page had been chosen as the gallery fave on Color Combos on the 19th!
AND an email today saying the same page has been added to the Featured Pages gallery!!!
I logged into Pinterest and saw this:
(one of my FAVORITE older pages had been pinned!!!) and I got a message from Natty saying, "Congrats on being featured in the Two Peas newsletter!"  Wait...WHA...???  

HUHN...MIGHT NOT be such a bad time to try out for this team...you know, strike while the iron's hot!!!

Also, I received a blog award from my main chica, Pam!
So I've been instructed to thank the person who gave the award to me, tell you 8 things about me and pass this to seven others!  Thank you my sister ...you know I love you like Hot Tamales!!!  And speaking of Hot Tamales, that's fact number one!
1.  They are my favorite EVA candy!!!  I would eat them when I was
    pregnant with my middle and little boys and I could smell the 
    cinnamon in my breast milk...I thought that was the coolest!!!
    (Don't worry...I tasted it to make sure I didn't burn the 
    kids' mouths!!!)
2.  No matter WHAT I DO...what I'm feeling is written all over my
    my face!  I try SOO hard to disguise it...especially when I'm
    thinking "UGH!" but it doesn't work!
3.  I always wished my first name was Kelly.  In elementary school
    I would write my name as "Keandra Rachelle Kelly Theresa 
    Perkins" (Theresa is my confirmation name...I started out 
    as a good Catholic school girl!)    
4.  My favorite color is red.  Maybe that's why I have a jones
    for Hot Tamales...hmmmm
5.  I always wanted daughters.  I bought all girl clothes with son
    one and cried as I exchanged them.  I bought SOME girl clothes
    with son two and DIDN'T cry when I exchanged them.  I bought 
    some girl clothes with son three.  Then, I got a teenaged 
    stepdaughter.  I happily skipped to the store to exchange the
    girl clothes.  And just like that...I was cured of EVA wanting
    another vagina to reside in my house.  Sorry...just sayin'
6.  I'm EXTREMELY sensitive.  I cried while watching America's Got
    Talent the other day because the homeless dancer made it 
    through to the semi-finals
7.  I always root for the underdog (see number 6)
8.  I love HARD.  If I'm down for you there's almost NOTHING I 
    wouldn't do to see you happy.   But if you cross me...

I actually have fun doing those "getting-to-know me" posts!  And I have seven ladies who ABSOLUTELY deserve this award:

1. Chary
2. Natty
3. Tami
4. Cinds
5. Chal
6. Laura
7. Miche

And I'll ask that you spread some love: click on each name to be taken to that chica's spot.  Be nice...leave a comment!  And tell 'em Keandra Rachelle Kelly Theresa Perkins Willis sent ya!!!


Debbie Hodge said...

Wow! You've had a ton of good fortune. I loved talking with you. Waiting on your video to download right now so I can edit it. Debbie

Cindy Gay said...

I love the brother page and the apprentice page. The glasses is too cute too. And you gave me an award! That makes my day! Thank you!

Charity said...

Yes I think it time to strike while the iron is blazing.

Those are some fabulous pages you've created. And you're right about the glasses page.

Thanks for the award! I'm off to leave some love...

MaryC said...

Numbers 4, 6, 7, & 8 are me too!! We are twins!
I had such a grand time at the Webinar with you. You are so much fun and so very talented. And you have the same kind of warped sense of humor I have, so I totally 'get' you. LOL!
Can't wait to meet in real life.

KateB said...

well...sometimes it's all a learning curve right? and thank goodness you had pictured it all in your head right?? and sometimes I swear I get more compliments and stuff on layouts that took me 1 hour rather than the ones I slaved over! COngrats on being so darn HOTTT this week!!!

KateB said...

ps-I forgot to say I loved ALL the layouts..they rawked...and I used to want my name to be Katherine Tracy Boddy...something about Tracy always screamed fun to me! I always used to tell guys that that was my middle name!

Lal said...

Aw, thank you SO much!! You are TOO sweet!! You know I just LOOOOVE your style!! ;) I clicked on my name and the link didn't work for me :( I did have someone come by and leave me a comment and said you sent them...TOTALLY made my day!! :)

WillieburgScrapper said...

When I saw my name in the list I SCREAMED I'm in Italy right now reading this obsessively in the building lobby as it's the only place I can get wifi . I will write up my answers and write upload them when I return in august. Thank you so much this is an honor as you are in my number one Dave artist-I'm THRILLED! Ciao from Bella italia wish the pages here are amazing!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Sorry for the spelling mistakes meant to say wish I had been part of the webinar and the pages here are amazing-zoinks!!!!!

Tami said...

You're amazing :)

chalesek said...

Aww Sweets I love you!! I have not been on the PC in a while!! Youe Rock love bug!!!:) Congrats love all your pages!! You know I always love when you let Kea face shine through your creations!!

Rebecca said...

I just listened to the webinar and LOVED it! You are so much fun!! I hope you are a teacher there again sometime!! I am so loving your pages. Your Too Large For My Arms page brought tears to my eyes - I have some big boys too, and that is SO true!!! I am so totally stalking you now too!

WillieburgScrapper said...

Going over my emails- will write up my "getting to know you" post today. So glad the pin made you happy- I would pin all your pages but then you would think me a stalker and I'm already dealing with a "crazy chic" rep so I have to back off. :)
PS- I read the thing about "no more vaginas in my house" and I laughed so hard I woke up mini me who proceeded to cry till Dad swarmed in asking "What did you do?!!". WHAT?
The conspiracy against me begins!

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