01 July 2011

The $5 Buffet.

No...not Chinese!  Though I could go for some steaming won tons right now...I digress!  I mean buffet...like

buf·fet 1  (b-f, b-)n.
1. A large sideboard with drawers and cupboards.
a. A counter or table from which meals or refreshments are served.

So, even though we don't have a hospital or Wal-Mart in my neighborhood, we have a cool thrift store.  It's actually in a strip mall and spans three store fronts.  I always dream of finding a $3 dinette set to refinish like all the thrifty divas out there so I try to visit this store a few times a month.  A couple of months ago I decided to stop in before dropping Mahd at football practice and I stopped breathing for a minute.  Whether it was from the beauty of this buffet
or all the dust emanating from it...I don't know.  And when Ms. Annie (yeah, baybee...I'm on a first name basis with her...what????) told me, "Oh, baybee...you can have that old thing for $5!"...I had to restrain myself because I almost shoved the money at her and pushed her down on the way out!  I'm glad I had the 5'11" teen with me because it took all three of us to get this into the back of my truck!  I had to rush home like the wind to get started on it!  See, I have that "startnotfinish" illness and I couldn't stand to see the disappointment in hubbs' eyes when he saw another incomplete project! I opened it up and found the bottom was wrapped in this YUMMY Christmas wrapping paper from 1852 and there were two white wire shelves
(which I bleached and placed in another cabinet to organize our canned goods).  I tried to remove the hardware which was actually STAPLED on and I had a mishap
What's sad is that I'm used to accidents like this...if you look closely at the tip of my index finger you'll see ANOTHER cut just starting to heal.  UMMM...so IXNAY on the EMOVERAY!  I decided to just cut around those pieces with my paintbrush and have a wipe handy for quick clean ups!!!
I didn't prime it...'cause I lost the primer and didn't want to explain to the hubbs why I needed more so soon.  Remember when Valspar gave out free samples a few months ago?  I got a couple of VINTAGE GREY (EB48-1) and it only took one full jar plus a DAB from another to achieve this:
Hubbs was even wowed...I added storage to our kitchen for $5 and a LITTLE BLOOD and sweat?  Who's the woman???  I'm linking up to these parties:


Tami said...

Wow.. this is gorgeous!!

KateB said...

awesome! I don't have the patience plus I can't paint to save my life :)

Miss Charming said...

I love how this turned out! Especially the metal deatails. And for $5? What a steal!

WillieburgScrapper said...

WOW!!!!! That piece has lovely lines- painting it soft grey is a great idea.

Nitasha said...

This is fab!!! Wow, and you just reminded me of the free Valspar that I need to use on something crafty! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

D'NiCole said...

You most def are talking serious scrap!!! I'll be looking for you on Nate Berkus 80)...I went in my local thrift store thinking I'd find something amazing...I was sooooo wrong

Charity said...

Oh wow! Love it in grey....you da WOMAAAN!

Milla said...

Wow I still can't believe you found this for $5. It turned out beautifully! I just love white furniture it's so bright! Thanks for showing me the link Keandra

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