27 August 2009

my house smells....

...like sweaty workmen and sautering iron but the fountain that magically appeared in our living room is gone. what?!?!? i didn't tell you about the fountain?!?! no, it wasn't an expensive feature we voluntarily added to bring the value of our home up to $1.5 million (HA!!). this was something mother nature chose to share with us...and we didn't appreciate it.
a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that there was water leaking from under a cabinet in the kitchen. it wasn't consistent; it would appear and disappear at will. when we would see it, we'd wipe it up and life went on. the water obviously didn't want to be ignored because it got worse. john moved the cabinet, we'd clean the water up....and life went on. after a couple of weeks of this, THAT water dried up and we started seeing water seep from under the tv in the living room. even though the laundry room is behind the living room, THAT floor was dry...WEIRD! well, earlier this week we could hear a "pssst" sound and, as i watched, water started squirting up in the middle of the living room floor...CRAP!!!! now, last year we had another leak and we ended up paying about $1100 to have it repaired so our nerves were instantly set on BAD when the fountain appeared. but, the sweaty workmen came today and rerouted the pipe through our attic and our home smells sweaty but it's dry! THE END!!!
of COURSE you all know about my internet drama, but i won't go into details. all i WILL say is this: if i hadn't kreated as many layouts as i did in the last few weeks, i would have either stabbed one of my guys or overdosed on some of the good drugs we have in our house. i knew that kreating helped me but i didn't realize how much until i had to survive a few weeks with no internet...my husband should be VERY glad about my krafting addiction because he almost got stuck in his eye SEVERAL times in the last couple of weeks! you can go here to see all the work i finished in the past few weeks. to give you an idea of how much i completed, some of my girls over at scrapbook.com have nicknamed me the...ummm...gallery HO!!! check it out!
my head hurts too badly right now to make this long...well, any longer than it already is! i'll be back soon!!!

11 August 2009

no internet...

...until the 18th. think...i'm...dying!!! my wireless card died while we were out of town, so we're switching to wireless dsl and they can't come out until the 18th to do the installation...i wonder if shanking someone will calm my nerves until then? maybe not since TAJ keeps reminding me that i can't scrap in jail! oh well! i'll just tell you how i kept my Christian ways instead of cussing ahmad's father!

he and i broke up when ahmad was four months old. over the next year we tried to get back together, to no avail. he dated other people, i dated someone else...which didn't sit too well with him. we finally just decided to be friends for our son's sake...until we decided to give our relationship another try. i thought it was going pretty well...until he told me ahmad had a sister on the way. i was hurt but i also felt that this was God's way of telling me that he wasn't the man for me. fast forward to last week, the last week of ahmad's summer visit. ahmad got it into his head that he's 13 and it's time for him to find out why his father and i aren't together. so, his stupid father sat down and told him...in detail. why did this CHILD need to know that while we were trying to reconcile, i dated another man? why did he need to know about PHYSICAL aspects of our relationship? and why didn't you tell him how YOU impregnated his sisters' mom while you were still seeing me? when ahmad told me about this conversation, my head started hurting...INSTANTLY. if he had asked me first, i would have explained that sometimes PEOPLE choose their mates instead of leaving it to God and PEOPLE ALWAYS mess up. i would have explained what happened between his father and myself without casting either of us in a bad light. because i TRULY feel grateful for meeting him. for one thing, my cheeks wouldn't be the same, beautiful kid if he didn't have the EXACT same genes. secondly, i'm grateful to ALL of the idiots i dated because i have a GREAT appreciation for my awesome husband! is it just me? i don't understand why ahmad's father always tries to ally himself with ahmad instead of just being his father. i chastise ahmad and i show him the right way...being his friend is second- or tertiary! you don't know how grateful to God i was because you know what? i STILL didn't cast him in a bad light. i STILL didn't tell my son, "your father and i are not together because he's one of the biggest idiots i ever let see me naked!" NO. instead i told him, "you just continue praying for him, mahd!" and that type of attitude can ONLY come from God! i'm not completely enlightened, though, because if i THOUGHT i could shank him and get away with it...BAYBAY!!!

05 August 2009

testing, testing...

1-2-3. a couple of days ago, we took kea to animal kingdom (i guess 13 is THAT age because ahmad didn't want to come with us. jamani COULDN'T come because of getting ready for school). anywho, we stood in line to meet the head rat, took pix in front of all the awesome scenery and guess what?!?!? my camera was set on "crappy" because NONE of the pix came out right! now, if you're readers of my blog, you're probably like minded...good pix are almost like oxygen to us. so, you understand how devastated i was to look at those pix when we got back to the resort. if money wasn't tight, i would have told john, "oh, H*$% no!" let's get MORE tickets and go back tomorrow...DO OVER!!!!" but, praise God, we did go to epcot today. in the truck i took several pix of myself to make sure i didn't shank the receptionist at the resort because i had no good picture memories!!!
for several reasons, we felt that epcot was 500% better than animal kingdom...well, john and i anyway because this is what noonie thought of going to epcot:
animal kingdom just felt like the rain forest...it was too freakin' hawt!!! once we saw so many animals and the tree of life 10 times, we were ready to go. i think john and i may just be getting too old for all of this! the other thing was that i suggested to the man that we bring kea's stroller. but, the MAN said we didn't have room in the back of the truck for the stroller; the MAN said we didn't NEED the stroller. and even though i thought about having to lug the little one around for HOURS, because john IS the man...well, you know how it went! when we were parking at epcot, he told kea, "you're walking today!" i had visions of appealing to all my online peeps to PLEASE help bring my pretty lil boy home safely...UHN UHN, PAD-NUH!!! we'll just be renting a stroller! he flipped because THAT was $15, but the WOMAN stepped in! it was SO WORTH IT!!!
epcot was just so much more interesting to us! there was just so much innovation and vibrance at epcot! this is a paid advertisment by the disney corporation! not really...it just seems like i'm gushing because i've been paid! it just feels good to spend a MILLION dollars to get into the park and not even CARE afterwards because you ABSOLUTELY enjoyed yourself...AND got great PIX!!!!
john had a great time too, getting all into the spirit of things!
he volunteered (well, his wife volunteered him!) to play a game where he had to change and feed as many babies as possible in 60 seconds...of course he whipped tail! (GO WILLIS!!!) AND i got a real smile on FILM, VEL!!!!

oh, and kea?
he felt the same way leaving that he felt entering the park...indifferent!!! we leave for georgia in the morning to pick mr. cheeks up. i may not upload any pix of him when we first get him because he's already told me that his hair hasn't been twisted since he left home so i know he looks like tangled kelp by the head! we head home saturday! can't wait to upload the projects i've started/finished on vacation and to tell you all how God delivered ahmad's father from a royal cussin' yesterday!!!

02 August 2009

No cha cha cha...

...but we're still having a great time!!!! yep, you guessed it: we've been in orlando for a few days now! i ended up not going to cha thursday. the ride from our house to orlando took 9 and a half hours but we couldn't check into our hotel until 4pm. i couldn't ask my husband to drive over 9 hours, drop me off, drive another 3 hours to my mom's house in jacksonville (the only place we knew he could hang out while i was at cha), rest for an hour and turn around and drive ANOTHER 3 hours to pick me up. i wouldn't have been able to cheese it up with div, helene and tim holtz because i would have been so worried that my papa and baby bears weren't safe on the road! so, i was sad that i didn't get to have my first cha experience. but, guess what?!!? we STILL got to have dinner with helene, div and mark (div's hubby) that night! that freakin' RAWKED!!!! we had the BEST TIME!!! they are the WARMEST people you'd ever want to meet!!! i let them know that i NEVER want to leave buzz and bloom's design team! PLUS, they won the most innovative product award at cha...why would i EVER go anywhere?!?!? kea literally JUMPED on div and then helene and had to be pried away...that was confirmation to me that they're good folks because he normally plays shy baby around people he's just met!

friday, we slept ALL day! when we awakened around 4, we got dressed to go out and of COURSE it started storming! this resort is so large that we still had plenty to do here! we had dinner, got cones from the ice cream shop, took kea to the kids' zone and then came back in to...more sleep!!!

saturday i met jules in person! the first thing she said to me was, "you're so pretty!" (yeah, she's a keeper!) i packed two BULGING bags of supplies because i just KNEW i was gonna crop with someone else for the first time...lies and garbage!!! we yap, yap, yapped for about four hours until one of us (i don't remember which!) was in danger of passing out! so, we went (along with john and kea) to dinner. have you ever been to a restaurant where the food is AWESOME but it has OBVIOUSLY cooked itself because the staff SUX too much to have prepared it? well, that's how our experience at uno's was. we were seated in a corner (i honestly think we were in an annex somewhere!) and we were forgotten for about 20 minutes! the waitress finally took our orders and when she brought the appetizers, she brought another waiter! she mumbled something about not serving us because we were sitting on the south side of the building or something but she promised that the waiter would take EXCELLENT care of us...lies and garbage!!! i think he came to the table exactly one and a half times (the half time was when he kinda waved at us from across the room and gave us the thumbs up!) but the food...oh, it's almost a SIN to just call it food! (can you tell we love to eat?!?) before katrina, i was addicted to the blue cheese crap dip at joe's crab shack. well, katrina was better than rehab because she lifted joe's right off the pier! ever since then, i've been jonesin' for that dip! uno's had a dip VERY similar to it!!! i've already told john that i need more before we go home-that'll give me a chance to study the menu and the listed ingredients so i can try to duplicate it when we get home. if i don't get more...mama WON'T be a happy camper! there may be some shanking involved...i haven't decided yet. anywho, john and jules and i joked and had fun and kea laughed at us joking and having fun. when we got back to the resort, jules and i went to the ice cream shop. on the way, we got some seriously dirty looks. i told her maybe everyone was mistaking us for ebony and ivory, the lesbian wrestling gymnists (i've gotten that before!) but she didn't agree.

FUNNY story: you know before we left that kea and the devil thought it would be fun to hide the truck keys, right? well, before the evil locksmith came over and robbed us, we looked up and down and all around for the keys. john kept saying, noonie, tell daddy where the keys are, son. well, i guess kea got tired of being asked because he found his book, brought it to daddy and turned and pointed to this:

i was all FOR shanking him at this point: if a kid is smart enough to show you a PICTURE of the keys that he has so sneakily hidden, i think he deserves to lose a little blood! but, because my husband makes the final decisions around here, i had to go with what he wanted, which was a kea with all his blood, so i didn't cut him! now, if he shows us a picture of a potty while we're trying to train him/save money on pampers, even his daddy won't be able to save him!

oooh, great scrappy news: i just found out that i'm the september guest designer for coordinates collections!!! i love their sketches and their kits...i can't wait to get that yumminess into my hands and kreate with it...i'm STOKED!!! (that's like my third time saying that today so you KNOW i'm excited!!!)

make sure you check out the new lotus challenge to use fingerpaint. even i used my man fingers to kreate a mini...and ummm....i LIKED it! i love seeing paint on my hands and knowing that i've kreated beauty (mushy but true!) give it a try!

i'm gonna cut this short because we're getting up early to take kea to meet the rat. please pray for us because for the last two weeks i've been asking, "do you want to meet mickey?" and he's responded, "NO!" he says no to everything these days but i think he meant it when he said no rat. if i tell you we left the park in 10 minutes, you know mr. kea meant what he said and said what he meant!!!!
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