25 October 2009

i just lost a good friend...

...of mine recently. this friend had been with me since before katrina. he was always there for me when i needed him. i never had to wonder or worry...whenever i needed him, he was available. recently, it's been a situation where he just wasn't right...it's like something was off about him. he just wasn't working out. then, it became a situation where he would be available SOMETIME...he just stopped being reliable. you know with TRUE friends, that's what's important: i need my friends to be available to me ALL the time...just like i am for them. well, just recently my friend just stopped working for me completely. i don't know if he just got tired or what. but, i don't miss him. i did what anyone would do in this situation: i replaced him

naw, i don't miss him because his twin has taken his place!

guess what? i have a new venture! i'm now the proud owner of my very own kit club! it's not like other kit club (yeah, i know: blah, blah, blah!!!!) my kits will always include my handmade titles and embellishments. for those of you who aren't on scrapbook.com and haven't seem my titles, here's a sample:

the titles will come painted or glittered. the embellishments (like the hand mixer and the ice cream sundae) will also be painted or glittered. you can also go here to purchase titles and handmade embellishments. if you buy a kit and items from the etsy store, i will ship everything together. so, no separate shipping! the kreatorville blog will be up and running later this week, so stay tuned. we'll have great prizes for people subscribing to the blog and/or kit. the kit is $37.50 for a one time purchase and $32.50 for a 6 month subscription (i got it right this time, velvet!!!!). trust me, with the handmade titles and embellies, you won't be disappointed!

15 October 2009

Do you smell...

something? i have a little sumthin' sumthin' brewin' over here in my kitchen that i'll share with you in about a week! stay tuned!!!
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