23 March 2011

OK enough...

...already!!!  I've been gone for a LOOOOONG time and even though I try not to worry about what people think, I have been wondering.  You all matter to me.  Especially those of you who have emailed, CALLED and left messages on SB.com and Facebook screaming WHERE ARE YOU???  I didn't want to disappoint you but I did anyway.  I really started experiencing something at the end of last year that I can't explain.  I had to step back from everything and get my mind right.  If it wasn't for God and my husband I really think I would be in St. Gabriel right now.  But I'm getting better and I thought I would just jump back into things...I THOUGHT.  The devil starts creeping around and telling you that things won't be the same...that no one is paying attention anymore.  And that really started to gnaw at me and, even when I was ready to return...after I promised my girls that I would...I still didn't.  I know I've angered some people because my sabbatical included not sending some packages out on time.  But I had to tell myself: all I can do is apologize and DO BETTER.  So after I uploaded my assignment for SOC tonight I decided to just DO IT...type a quick blog post and go to sleep.  Tomorrow  I'll see if there are welcomes or a lynch mob.  But for tonight, I'm kinda glad to be back!!!     
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