29 August 2010

Do you ever awaken...

...with God speaking in your ear?  This morning, my first thought was a message from God: how can I bless you with more when you're not properly caring for what I've already given you?"  So, I've been catapulted into action.  I've been praying for a long time for Him to help me with my procrastinatin' ways...and that ONE QUESTION did it!  I don't know if it's permanent but it was enough for me to dub this week "Hump Week"...we're GETTIN' IT DONE up in hure this week!  From my husband to my littlest, we're getting as much done as possible from this day to next Sunday...but, with a break tomorrow.  School has started and the majority of our energy has been dedicated to the big boy.  Driving him to and from school, tryouts for a school play, getting the 750 supplies that WEREN'T on the initial lists...it's been about him.  My husband has been really great about taking a backseat but I have a surprise for him tomorrow.  I've asked my parents to keep the two littlest boys for a few hours.  I'm gonna take the Husband to dinner and then have him for dessert (did I say that aloud???)  He deserves it...and he's overdo!  When you have as many kids as we do...time for two is almost nonexistent!  For obvious reasons, there won't be pix!  Be back soon!

14 August 2010

The big boy...

...is home!
(Don't you SEE how excited his brother is????)
The end of his summer visit with his B.F. (biological father) always signals the end of my leisure (HAAAAA!!!)time...it means it's time to get back to the bump and grind!  I'm up for the challenge AND excitement!  Because isn't THAT what high school's all about...working hard and playing harder???  I love high school football and pep rallies and DANCES...oh, I can't WAIT to see Mahd dressed up for his first dance and asking for a gazillion dollars to pay for five packs of pictures (because he HAS TO take a set by himself, one with his date, two with...you know, he HAS TO HAVE a MILLION wallets to trade with his friends!)  I'm STOKED!!!!

The August Kreatorville Kraft kit has been revealed!  I had SOO much fun getting messy this month...I LOVE splattered, creased and torn pages...they make me feel like I need to smoke a CIGARETTE after all that work!  I didn't wanna stop playing!  I kreated a couple of pages starring my baby brother.  This one

is called "Growning Skills" because I took these shots (PAT ON THE BACK!!!)  I try soo hard to improve my photographic skills that I get excited when I do well!  Everything on this page is included in the August kit!

I kreated another page this month to celebrate my husband.  Do you remember THIS day?  Well, I made this 
page to document it...and hopefully to soften my husband up enough where he won't be TOO ticked that I abandoned ship! ;P

Check the Kreatorville blog to see a few other projects Nat, Chary and I kreated this month!

08 August 2010

THIS is what...

...life is all about!  All the times we struggle to do our best, to be a blessing to others with no recognition...I've had a week where I KNOW God is pleased with me because I've received SEVERAL blessings!  I mean, in ADDITION to waking each day under my OWN roof with food and running water...SPECIAL blessings!  

I was asked this week to participate in TWO awesome scrappy projects...which I can't share yet!  I'll tell you about one in about a month but the other will be in the works for a LEETLE longer!  The first made me squeal like a school girl...they like me...they REALLY like me!  But, the second is SUCH a unique opportunity...something I've NEVER seen explored before...MIND BLOWING!  I can't wait to share!

A scrappy pal of mine made two pages for me...just because.  I didn't ask her to and I didn't BRIBE her.  She saw some pictures that inspired her and decided to kreate this:
I love them SOO much but I mentioned them for another reason.  You NEVER know when your SEEMINGLY small act of kindness is gonna have a HUGE impact on a person.  Pam didn't know how these pages would lighten my SOUL when she made them.  There's a lesson here: be nice to people.  You can't imagine what it may mean.  I have a DAUNTING week ahead of me...something I've been constantly praying for God to successfully see me through.  But today...I remember that I'm an inspiration to someone.

And I'm glad.

06 August 2010

Just because....

...I need to get rid of some of the supplies I've been hoarding:

(AND honestly...it just FEELS GOOD to kreate!!!)

04 August 2010

This conversation...

...just took place:

KEA: A baby's coming!
ME: WHAT????
KEA: A BABY'S coming!!!
ME: From WHERE???
KEA: Right THERE! (pointing to the front door). A baby brother!

God if you have ANY love for me...

(By the way, if anyone has any questions about investment options, let me know and I'll ask the two year old!
He seems to know it all!!!)

02 August 2010

Have you met...

...Kreatorville's Kontributing Kreator???  NO???  Whatcha waiting for...go on over and leave her some love!
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