30 December 2013

I can't believe....

...that it's been TWO YEARS since I last blogged.  I've sat here for the last hour in denial (NAH...NOT TWO YEARS!!!)  But I guess the fact that I had to spend twenty minutes recovering my password is proof that it's been a minute.  Life has just been so crazy for us...in so many good AND bad ways.  But the most important and exciting is that, after looking
and looking and praying and
signing our grandchildren away about a hundred legal documents...with a little help from our financial advisor...
...we were finally able to relax
and to praise HIM for our new future:
We've been in our home for six months and I've been working on making it our home every day.  Even though it's been EXHAUSTING at times it's soo much fun because look at what I've had to work with:
And I hope that you join me on my journey to make it kompletely ours!

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