01 September 2011


It's bad enough that we're thinking about Katrina right now.  Yeah...I KNOW it's been SIX years and other places have experienced weather disasters since then.  BUT...when you don't have a hospital, WalMart, movie theater near your house...you can't HELP but think about the cause of these things not being around any more!  I THOUGHT my focus would be on praying for those affected by Irene this week.  But here we are...dealing with crap again.

When I awakened Monday morning, our house was filled with the smell of smoke.  I went around smelling all the outlets but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from.  This was about 7AM and I don't normally turn the TV on when it's just me and Kea (he watches TV in the back).   I was SOO scared that I called my husband at work to tell him he might have to come home because something was on fire.  That's when he told me about the marsh fires.  When the little and I went out Tuesday I realized that the ENTIRE city looks like this

There's no escaping it.  I could smell it in Wal-Mart; everyone in the Social Security office was coughing Tuesday because it was coming in through the vents.  To make matters worse, we live about a mile and a half from where the fires are actually burning.  Thank God John and Ahmad have awesome immune systems and haven't really been affected.  The littlest has been plagued by congestion, coughing, vomiting and fever all week.  There's no where that I can even take him to get him into clean air except almost 100 miles away!  I've been coughing and looking at so much vomit all week has my belly feeling wonky. John saw somewhere that a vinegar and lemon mixture helps to dissipate the smoke smell.  I placed a bowl of it in almost every room.  Don't get it twisted...THAT crap doesn't smell like roses either.  It helps though so I guess it's more like the lesser of two evils!!!  It did rain today and should rain for the next few days so prayerfully we can get back to normal next week!  The teen's second football game is tomorrow.  I doubt that the littlest and I will be able to go if the smoke is still thick...SUX!!!!

THEN I try to view Kreatorville's blog (kreativity.kreatorvillekraft.com) and I kept getting a "Server Not Found" error message...wha????  After several hours of back and forth I was told that the confusion should be cleared up in about five days...{{{SIGH}}}

On a positive note, I had a card

posted on the Platinum Scraps blog.  This is the card I made for Ahmad for his birthday.  His favorite color is red...a boy after my own heart!!!  And my last project as Guest Designer for Color Combos Galore
has been posted.  These are pix from my sister friend's 40th birthday celebration.  I really loved being challenged by the combos...I'm sure I'll play along again soon!!!

Well, gotta make the donuts!  NAH...but I DO need to sleep so I can get up early.  I have a list of 73 items to finish before next month!


Anonymous said...

Oh Keandra, that must be just miserable!! I'm so glad it wasn't anything wrong with your house, but that poor little baby, and poor momma ;^( I hope things clear up soon. My thoughts are with you my friend.

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

omg girl, i am soo sorry, how awful! :( I really hope that the rain clears the smoke up soon, i cant imagine how yucky that would be! I really hope you and your little man start to feel better soon :(
I love your card and new layout! Love the gray color combo!

Girl Z said...

Oh my that sounds alwful! Sorry for you and the littles discomfort, feel better soon. What about an in-home air purifier? Good Luck!

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh my goodness I am so sorry! That must be awful!! Hope you can get back into Kreatorville soon - that is so annoying when you can't access your own site - on the plus side the card looks great :)

Kiwi The Kreator said...

Z, we've tried the humidifier, candles, oils...we've burned everything in this joint but a pig!!!

Charity said...

I'm just glad to hear it'd finally raining and helping to clear out the smoke. If it's not one thing its another right?! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.....

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