25 September 2011

I've been letting ...

...my eyebrows grow.
I normally have EXTREMELY thick eyebrows and I like 'em that way!  I mean, I like them LUSH...not Al B. Sure-ish!  (For my R&B-challenged peeps...PLEEEEASE Google "Al B. Sure"...you're in for a treat 'cause I REALLY look like that if I let my 'brows go untamed!)  But because I'm not a professional, I have times when I cut one too thinly and then have to cut the other to match.  So, I've been letting them grow for the last month so I'll look cute in my sister's wedding pix!  Plus, my 40th is in November and I'm gearing up for a big celebration.  TODAY, I got to the point where I just COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!  Bushy brows bring me back to high school when the only taming I was allowed to do was a spit-and-slick!  Plus, I needed to take a picture for the aforementioned event.  So, I prayed real hard...used a SLOOOW and steady hand and got to cuttin'!  It's STILL not a professional job but I think it's decent
I think I'm still gonna go and try the threading (has anyone else tried that?) before the wedding.  I just saw on the Today show Friday that reapplying lip gloss is an addictive behavior...Kathie Lee said she wakes up from a DEEP SLEEP to reapply it!  She's a LIIITLE more obsessed than me but like my brother-in-law says...my lip gloss be POPPING!!!!

Do you know we can still smell it?  Marsh fires my BEHIND...there's something much more sinister going on out there...DUN DUN DUHHHHHH!!!!!

I've had these two projects 

recently featured over at Platinum Scraps.  We don't do the whole trick or treating  thang but we do dress up and go to the Children's Museum.  Kea 1st wore the doggie costume right before he turned two and he was LIVID!  He didn't want that CRAP on his head...his hands...he wanted OUTTA THERE!!!  We took advantage of the fact that he could still fit into it last year so we recycled it.  Man, what a difference a year makes!  When I asked him to pose for pictures, he really hammed it up...he was HEElarryous!!! With the double page spread, I happened to be going through our family box of pictures and ran across several different photos of me and  my older boys.  We used to take pictures a few times a year.  I thought for sure that once my family was complete we would go like ONCE A MONTH for pictures but that hasn't happened...my littlest hasn't taken pictures since his christening a year ago;  BAD MOMMY!  I've been kinda holding out because I wanted to take some on location shots. But, since Sears sent us a coupon for a free photo session plus $50 in pictures, I broke down and made an appointment. Hopefully I'll still get my outdoor shots before my birthday!

Lastly, if you like scrappy stuff hop on over to Kreatorville for the opportunity to win a prize valued at over $200!!!!  Don't miss out!!!!


Rebecca said...

Your brows look great! :)

Helen Tilbury said...

Now I'm the opposite - OBSESSED with plucking my eyebrows - get them waxed once a month & pluck out every naughty one that re-appears!! Threading is very popular here but never tried it myself - sounds sore...

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