28 August 2011

In the last twenty days I've...

...enjoying talking to/spending time with the teen.  He just got an Iphone from his father so I've heard a LOT of "C'mon Ma!"  in the last few weeks
(You KNOW I'm lovin' that!!!!)  

*been playing around with party decor 
My sister is getting married in October and we're celebrating my 40th in November.  I was soo excited when Ray told me that she wants a vintage feel for her reception decor!  Add to that the fact that our celebration colors are almost the same!  I'm decorating Mason jars for her party and with a few changes, I'll use them the next month...can you say WINNING???

*Speaking of winning...this sweetie peetie has given me this
If you've never met Cindy...go on over!  She is the CUTEST lil lady I've ever seen!!!  To answer the twelve questions:

Favorite color: Red
Favorite song: I love SOO many songs!  One of my faves right now is I Give Myself Away by William McDowell
Favorite dessert: Oreo cookies WITH Lay's Original chips!  Yep...TOGEEEEETHER!!!!
What wizzes you off at the moment?People who make promises which they don't keep!  Just tell me "I MAY be able to"  DON'T say you promise...TICKS ME OFF  
My favorite pet: Somebody else's
Black or white? Both,please!!!
Biggest fear: Not using up every ounce of my kreativity!
Best feature: My kreativity!
Everyday attitude: Don't ever look back and regret that you didn't live each day to the fullest
What is perfection? Good food and good times with good folks
Guilty pleasure? Pinterest, scrapbooking
When you're upset. . . it shows all over my face!

So, I have to give this award to six peeps who interest me and {{GASP}} they're not all scrapbookers!!!
Charity who has a beautiful blog design with beautiful pages displayed there!
Amy who works like a ROCKET LAUNCHER to churn out beautiful kreations!
kidtropolis.  They continuously inspire my desire to give my boys rooms like movie stars' kids!
Pinterest.  I'm continuously caught up and forget to feed my family inspired by this site!
Miche who amazes me EVERY.TIME. with the versatility of her art!
Milla and Kahli. I don't know these ladies...I just ran across  their blog yesterday.  But I love their blog design and the CONTENT...these ladies can wring a thrift store DRY!!!  Plus, I think they're beautiful (IDENTICAL TWINS!) and sweet as 7up cake!!!  I've been so inspired by their decorating already!I guess they ACTUALLY count as two people, bringing my count to 7!  Oh well...this IS my blog! 

If you can, check out these blogs and let me know if YOU think these ladies rock as much as I do!  And thanx for the award, Cinds...love you, lil lady!!!!
*I FINALLY finished stenciling the walls in our bedroom and bathroom.  The teen was soo amazed he asked me to do his walls too!  I'm not sure I like ANYBODY enough to do more stenciling right now!!!
*We've been celebrating a few birthdays.  My niece
turned 20 a few weeks ago and we celebrated my sister's 40th with a dinner last night.

*Of COURSE I've been kreating!!! You can GO HERE to see some of the projects I made with the August Kreatorville kit.  But I also made this page

for the vintage sketch challenge.  I love that I was able to incorporate one of the handmade titles 
from the July kit!  Remember you still have two days to crank out a page to participate in the challenge and be in the running for a scrapbook.com gift card!  C'MON...you can DO IT!!!

*I've had a few pages and cards showcased over at Platinum Scraps; my last page (as August Guest Designer) was revealed this past week at Color Combos Galore; I finished the two page spread 
 which will be featured in the September Page Maps newsletter.  I'm also preparing some pages because in October, I'll once again be MASTERFUL!!!!

Today I'll be twisting the teen's hair...his dreds have to be FRESH for school tomorrow (ahhh...the life of a high school football player!!!) Afterwards, I'll do a little cleaning before turning in early. After my sister gets married in October, she and her husband will stay with us for a week.  My goal for the next few weeks is to completely clean/decorate/organize before that time.  I have a party and the holidays to prepare for at the end of the year and I want that to be my sole focus...pray for me PLEASE!!!!


Milla said...

Aww we want to cry lol. Thanks so much for the shout out Keandra. We worked very hard on our content and the design (almost pursued graphic design in school instead of interior design) We've been thinking about your need for a globe ever since your first comment although we have no idea how it will get to you if we find one lol. And your right about us wringing a thrift store dry. There are 6 thrift stores within a 15 mile radius of our house and one is across the street so we can't help ourselves. My sis says hello (she can't participate in the conversation because she braiding so I'm talking for the both of us) Talk to you soon Keandra, thanks again!

Cindy Gay said...

You don't ever have to worry about loosing your creativity! Thank you for that sweet comment. . . I love your hair!

Charity said...

OH my WORD. You have a million and one pokers in the fire my friend. I have no idea where to start right now....one, love the mason jar. two, your neice is beautiful. three, 40?? you're lying.....and tell the boy he can stencil his own walls, you're tired. I'm excited and overjoyed to hear your going to be a Friend of Pagemaps!! Welcome to the friends of Pagemaps list! I'm stalking all your bloggy links later----and thank you from the bitty bottom of my itty bitty heart for including.....me.

Amy Kingsford said...

Thanks so much for the shout out Keandra...I am completely flattered! I can't wait for October at Masterful Scrapbook Design :)

Natalie Elphinstone said...

You sure are Masterful! Can't believe how much you've got going on right now.... no wonder you don't want to do any more stenciling! Loving your page share - the addition of the pink ribbon is the perfect finishing touch :-)
Off to go check out the links you've posted, sounds like a lot of fun!

Lisa Harrolle said...

Your creativity knows no bounds my friend!! Apparently your energy is boundless too. Busy girl!!

Papercrafting Princess said...

Yes your friends are great, but so are you. Talking about multi-tasking....you do it all and do it well. Can't wait to see the kreations for your nieces wedding!

Helen Tilbury said...

Phew! News, news, news!! Sounds like it is all go your side. LOVE that pic of your teen - oooh how I love my 2 teen boys & I know what a challenge it is to get them to cuddle up and SMILE - you did good there girl!!! Loving the burlap bowed jar & need to see a photo of all that stenciling! Not my favourite activity either! Loving your Kreativity too!!

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