28 September 2011

These are the shoes...

...that my husband ALMOST got!  

We do a few races each year (Breast Cancer, MS) and John happens to love New Balance shoes.  While I was perusing the daily deals I ran across one for Blair.com where these shoes would be $29...with free shipping.

yes please.

I'm all excited, planning how I would buy two pairs so he'd have one when the first wore out.  Once I placed the order, I see a pop up screen: Congratulations!  Because this is your first order, you qualify for $10 off of your next order!  This is AMAZING!  See, I only ordered one pair at first.  I was going to have one sent here and one sent to my parents' house so my husband didn't know about them.  So, I thought I would end up with two pairs of New Balance for less than $50...awwwwwesome!!!!
When I clicked on the link, it took me to a page that says, "SCREW the $10...you're getting FIFTEEN!"  Well, I'm ready to start jumping up and down!  FINE PRINT: JUST JOIN OUR REWARDS CLUB WHICH AUTHORIZES US TO DEBIT THE SAME CREDIT CARD YOU JUST PAID WITH THE LOW LOW PRICE OF $15 MONTHLY!


Nah, I'm straight...just give me the $10...click.  SIKE!  I then get the "thank you for your order which is processing" message.  I try going back...nope.  Oh well...I'll just call customer service.  And here's where the devil stole my husband's shoes right outta the box!

The customer service representative was an older lady...aww she's like my grandmother...LIES.  I was all like, "Good day, kind lady...might I bother you for a replacement code for the one the website swindled me out of?"  She was like, "No".  HUHN????  "Ma'am, I don't have access to the code so there's no way I can give it to you."


SOOOOO, I just don't get a code?  "Nope".  Ok, my nerves are bad now.  "Well, can I speak to a supervisor?"  "She doesn't have the code either."  NOW I'm praying for God to slow my breathing down.  I KNOW God doesn't want you to hurt babies and the elderly but THIS....this LADY is not my favorite person right now!  I asked, "Can I speak to a supervisor?"  {{{SIGH}}}  I'll SEE if one is available to speak to you."  WT....????  So, she puts me on hold and after she (obviously) played "This Little Piggie"...TWICE...she comes back to the line, "Ma'am the supervisor said she doesn't have the code."  NO, I asked you if I could SPEAK TO a supervisor.  "I'm telling you what she said and she cannot come to the phone."  This right HERE...this is RIDICULOUS!  "OK, can you just cancel my order?"  "Ma'am I can't cancel..."


I didn't curse her.  I didn't raise my voice.  I just repeated, "Cancel the order" over and over.  It may have been about 320 times...I'm not sure.  But then this...this LADY HANGS UP ON ME.


Yeah...she didn't.  Well, my breathing slowed down to a STOP.  I was like a stealth Ninja at this point.  I called back and when another representative came on the line, I was SYRUP PACKED IN SUGAR.  "HIIIIIII...I'd like to cancel an order please kind lady."  Because she really was.  I regret that she didn't answer the phone THE FIRST TIME I CALLED.  While she was "processing my request" I kindly asked for their mailing address which she kindly provided to me.  You see, while I was smiling sweetly and talking to her, I had the Better Business Bureau open in another window.  You'll be pleased to know that they HAVE been reported.  Because play with me about MY MONEY????  NO THANX!  Oh, and if any of you are looking for New Balance at a decent price check out joesnewbalanceoutlet.com .  They have a better selection and I've ordered from them before.  The customer service was MUCH better than what I experienced today.

You're welcome!. 


Rebecca said...

OMG! What a crazy situation! I'm glad the 2nd lady canceled your order. I hope that first woman loses her job - not that I'd wish that on anyone really, but that is NOT the way to treat a customer! Maybe she just needs a different place in the company. What a dissapointment for you! Sounds like you handled yourself very well though - what a lady! :)

WillieburgScrapper said...

OO classic bait and switch! Thanks for letting me know to stay AWAY from blair.com- I love NewB sneaks too!

chalesek said...

WOW!!!! I know you were hotter than a firecracker!!! Well did you get the money refunded??

T. Rousell - Publicist said...

For the life of me I can't understand why people can't simply deliver good customer service! I often want to just ask "what did I do to you?" to customer service reps that act as though I've ruined their day! I suppose they don't realize that even though the business they work for is not "theirs", so to speak, without customers, they won't have a job. I mean really? Great going on keeping your cool Kean.

Debbi Tehrani said...

Hey, girl. Check your email! I sent you an important email. :)

Katherine B said...

I was just reading something about companies that try to jerk u around like that. 1st thing they say (after you get offenders name that is) IS to call back and do what you did. I had an issue with Bank of AMerica and I googled their CEO and sent him an email to his personal account. GOT a phone call from their corporate office the VERY NEXT DAY1 Power to the little people!

Doreen Vasquez said...

Oh wow! You poor thing!!!!
I felt frustrated right along w/ you when I read your post! WOW! That is just crazy!

BTW - I stumbled across your blog by way of another person's blog (I forgot who now but I think it was Mia W.'s) and I'm glad I did!

I love your work and your blog is fun to read (good or bad, LOL)!

I'm a follower now!

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