20 September 2010

My truck...

...goes into the shop this morning for an at LEAST $500 repair.
My son made a D on a quiz I BEGGED him to get help with.
My old friend insomnia has been visiting me QUITE a bit this week.
Does anyone have an extra umbrella because OBVIOUSLY the storm
HAS ARRIVED. I'm off to pray!


Abena said...

woo-sah lil mama! it's going to get better, i promise! ily!

Dolores said...

relax, relent, release! thinking of you!

that girl said...

wiggling me fingers and sending you good karma your way!

{my word verification is: choses.....hmmmmm.}

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i'm praying with you. amen.

Jenneke said...

Thinking about you, Keandra!

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