09 September 2010

Have you ever been in love..

...with a company?  A love that's not obvious at first but develops gradually?  I mean, I have a crush on American Crafts...mostly fueled by my Thickers addiction.  But, there are some companies where you see a piece of patterned paper that blows your mind.  You check out the manufacturer and say to yourself, "HMMM...niiiiice!"  Then those alphabet stickers catch your eye.

Again, you look for the maker, "HMMM, ANOTHER great product from _________!"  Pretty soon, whenever you see great supplies you come to anticipate that ________ has made them.  You begin to excitedly look forward to new release time because you KNOW this company is coming WITH IT!!! 

SEI is one of those companies. I know that I hoard use a lot of their newer supplies but when I really began delving into the DEPTHS of my crush, I realized that this obsession has been present for a WHILE!!!

  I've scrapped travel pictures of my little guys

AND a picture of my family
on Mother's Day.   I've made a page for my teenager to tell his Daddy
just how much he appreciates him...as well as a page to show that
same teenager
just how much we appreciate him coming home safely at summer's end.  My addiction also extends to
books I make for others.  I guess you understand now why there's SOO much SEI in Kreatorville's  kits, too!!!  SOO, can you figure out the THIRD company I HOARD???


that girl said...

Ummmmmmm, yeah I could name this one right away without even seeing your creations! I know your crafty side too well, huh?!
I LOVE those creations.....they are always fabulous and inspirational!

Cindy Gay said...

Like the airport layout and the direction of the embellishments.

Jenneke said...

GREAT layouts, Keandra!!
And I also think I know which company you like too ;-)


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