16 October 2010

When does life...

...start to get really busy for you?  I know the holidays are crazy for most people but the insanity comes EXTRA early over here!!!  My Mommy turns 60 on the 20th and I'm scrambling to finish party plans for her.

The baby will be christened the next day and we're having a small dinner for his godparents.  

We don't celebrate Halloween but my husband decided to do a "Hallowed Be Thy Name" celebration for his Sunday school class...and WHOO did he put in charge of decorations and games I wonder!!!  Plus, my niece will turn 10 on November 7th and she's having a party (I'm ALL UP IN THURE!!!) and Kea's party will be the NEXT WEEK!!!!  My husband asked what I want for MY birthday (which is the 21st)...has anyone bottled SLEEP yet???  

I'm still finding time to make memories with  him
in the mornings, him 
in the evenings and HIM

in the middle of the night!  (Insert evil laugh and wiggling eyebrows).  I'm still doing assignments like THIS, THIS and THIS.  I even found time to do something SOO awesome with my husband today!!!  Minds outta the gutter...I said toDAY!!!!  Tell you about it soon!  And if anyone wants to donate some sleep, send it to keandra@feelinlikeacrackhead.com.  And thank YOU for your participation!!!


Cindy Gay said...

Happy Birthday to you, your Mom and Kea!

that girl said...

I'll donate an hour or two for you this month....then you can donate for me at a later date when I'm feeling like a .....well you get the picture. ;) Meatballs....yum!!

Miss you!!!

that girl said...

Um....did I tell you how perfectly jealous I am of your Polaroid photos!!??

Dair da bomb!

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