04 September 2010

Don't you just LOVE...

...learning new techniques??  I get SOO excited when it's Charity
or Jenneke's turn to showcase a favorite kreative technique on the blog because I know I'm gonna add something visually stunning to my repertoire!     When Jenneke introduced the September technique to us, I couldn't help rubbing my hands together in glee (think evil scientist!)  I've wanted to try this on my projects for a long time and just never realized how easy it is!  I've used it on the first two pages I completed with the September Kreatorville kit:

Can't you see it?  It's....NAH!  You gotta GUESS!!!
By the way, date night was a ROARING success!  It felt WEIRD, though because I got to go to the salad bar WITH my husband.  One of us normally stays with the kids.  We got to SIT together, too! These are things you REALLY take for granted when you don't have kids!!!  And the dessert?  WELLLL, when was the last time YOU had a BAD DESSERT??? ;P


Abena said...

omg you're gonna make me cry! i love it!!

Kiwi The Kreator said...

MAN UP and stop...being...a...WUSS {TEAR!!!}

that girl said...

Oh, so glad date night went WELL!
It's sweet that he sits by you too, not every man would do that.

Love those layouts, I have a REALLY good idea what the technique is....and I'm blushing and proud as a peacock- Thank you for your kind words {John has the extra chocolate I sent for you...snicker}

Cindy Gay said...

Date nights are good! Glad you were able to do that!

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