17 September 2010

Did you know...

...that Michael's is offering a 40% off ANY regular priced Martha Stewart craft item through Sunday?  I've NEVAH seen a coupon specifically for an MS product...as a matter of fact, most coupons  normally EXCLUDE them!  THIS is the link to the coupon.  In case you've had too many beers tonight and can't get it to work, just go to the Creating Keepsakes website and you should see the link in the left column.  I'm gettin' one of those around the page border punches with mine...what are YOU gettin'?

By the way, the link to Eb's Etsy shop is


Kola said...

I had to laugh you look a little drained. I am sure after buying you two ladies Coach bags he was feeling a little faint

MaRLeNeF said...

hi :) thanks so much for the coupon link!!! have a great weekend :)

that girl said...

*enabler alert*

guess where i'm going now?!

D'NiCole said...

Wish I had found this blog last week, I would love one of those same punches...they do always say excluding Martha Stewart 80)
Hi, I'm Danah btw

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