08 September 2010

I was talking to...

...this girl about the current challenge over at "These are a Few of My Favorite Things".   Until September 13th (which IRONICALLY is Char's birthday!), they're asking scrappers to share their favorite manufacturers.  And, although we differ on some of the companies (she IS more of a girly girl, after all!!!) there are a couple of manufacturers that we're both drawn to. We love them because they aren't frilly nor are they completely boyish...they manage to strike a balance.  Sassafras is one of those companies.  I can scrap pictures of Mardi Gras

or make a page for Kea's  "@ Two" book.

I can use it to kreate pages of my cutie pie niece

As well as a picture of my cutie pie kid!

(I just LOVE pictures of Mahd when he had the chubby cheeks...just the EPITOME of cuteness!!)
I love that I can use Sassafras to kreate elegant pages (like this one of my brother and me at the Zulu ball almost ten years ago!)

as well as fun party pages

(like the page of the Husband's cream cheese birthday cake that I made to document how GOOOD it was...I had just baked a disastrous cake for Mahd about a week before and THIS was my redemption!)

I use Sassafras to kreate fun pages for our family book

as well as awesome holiday pages!

NOW you all know WHY you all see SOO much Sass in Kreatorville kits...

It's because I'm OBSESSED!!!

Like a few of the design team members at Favorite Things have said, I don't know too many scrap manufacturers that I don't like!  But, there are two more companies that I have an extra affinity for like Sassafras.  There's something VERY ironic about those other two companies...something they have in common with Sassafras.  If you guess what they have in common, you'll know what the other two companies are!


Frances said...

Gracious me you have been busy!! Love them all..they are soooo much fun and bright. I wouldn't expect any less from you. I especially love the layout of your handsome man with the chubby cheeks...he is so cute! Hope all is well your way...have a great day!!

Cindy Gay said...

Like Member When and Mr Cuteness. All are great.

that girl said...

I'm reading your last two posts backward and already could tell what they had in common.....I'm thrilled that even though we are we are polar opposites when it comes to scrappin' we LOVE the same company to pieces! I think it's because we're both sassy, right?! ;)

I love that holiday page....you know how to twist things and make them Keantabulous!

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