14 August 2010

The big boy...

...is home!
(Don't you SEE how excited his brother is????)
The end of his summer visit with his B.F. (biological father) always signals the end of my leisure (HAAAAA!!!)time...it means it's time to get back to the bump and grind!  I'm up for the challenge AND excitement!  Because isn't THAT what high school's all about...working hard and playing harder???  I love high school football and pep rallies and DANCES...oh, I can't WAIT to see Mahd dressed up for his first dance and asking for a gazillion dollars to pay for five packs of pictures (because he HAS TO take a set by himself, one with his date, two with...you know, he HAS TO HAVE a MILLION wallets to trade with his friends!)  I'm STOKED!!!!

The August Kreatorville Kraft kit has been revealed!  I had SOO much fun getting messy this month...I LOVE splattered, creased and torn pages...they make me feel like I need to smoke a CIGARETTE after all that work!  I didn't wanna stop playing!  I kreated a couple of pages starring my baby brother.  This one

is called "Growning Skills" because I took these shots (PAT ON THE BACK!!!)  I try soo hard to improve my photographic skills that I get excited when I do well!  Everything on this page is included in the August kit!

I kreated another page this month to celebrate my husband.  Do you remember THIS day?  Well, I made this 
page to document it...and hopefully to soften my husband up enough where he won't be TOO ticked that I abandoned ship! ;P

Check the Kreatorville blog to see a few other projects Nat, Chary and I kreated this month!


that girl said...

OMGoodness BigLittle man is growing up so fast. Don't you just appreciate them soooo much when they've been gone for a few?!
And dang girl, if your brother doesn't get called after all that fabulous photo face time....young girls all around the world will give a huge group hiss!

Jenneke said...

WOW, GREAT pictures of your favorite men!!
And I totally agree with Char: your brother is a HUNK!!

LOVE your pages, Keandra!!


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