08 August 2010

THIS is what...

...life is all about!  All the times we struggle to do our best, to be a blessing to others with no recognition...I've had a week where I KNOW God is pleased with me because I've received SEVERAL blessings!  I mean, in ADDITION to waking each day under my OWN roof with food and running water...SPECIAL blessings!  

I was asked this week to participate in TWO awesome scrappy projects...which I can't share yet!  I'll tell you about one in about a month but the other will be in the works for a LEETLE longer!  The first made me squeal like a school girl...they like me...they REALLY like me!  But, the second is SUCH a unique opportunity...something I've NEVER seen explored before...MIND BLOWING!  I can't wait to share!

A scrappy pal of mine made two pages for me...just because.  I didn't ask her to and I didn't BRIBE her.  She saw some pictures that inspired her and decided to kreate this:
I love them SOO much but I mentioned them for another reason.  You NEVER know when your SEEMINGLY small act of kindness is gonna have a HUGE impact on a person.  Pam didn't know how these pages would lighten my SOUL when she made them.  There's a lesson here: be nice to people.  You can't imagine what it may mean.  I have a DAUNTING week ahead of me...something I've been constantly praying for God to successfully see me through.  But today...I remember that I'm an inspiration to someone.

And I'm glad.

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