04 August 2010

This conversation...

...just took place:

KEA: A baby's coming!
ME: WHAT????
KEA: A BABY'S coming!!!
ME: From WHERE???
KEA: Right THERE! (pointing to the front door). A baby brother!

God if you have ANY love for me...

(By the way, if anyone has any questions about investment options, let me know and I'll ask the two year old!
He seems to know it all!!!)


Natalie Elphinstone said...

oh my golly goodness!! That is one cute photo :-)

Jenneke said...

Hahahaha, GREAT story!!!! And that photo is so adorable!!


that girl said...

That little man better bite his tongue {gently of course;) }....I don't need that rubbing off on me with all that baby talk, thank you very much. :P

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