22 July 2010

I have to give it up...

...for my husband (and men like him) who hold it down by doing manual labor.  My husband is a welder but he also does lawn care.  
Normally, Ahmad will help his Dad with our yard and on Saturdays.  But since he's gone during the summer, it all falls to John.  Did I mention that I used to cut the grass myself when I was single?  I feel SOO sorry for my husband because he comes home SOO tired.  So, I decided that, because I AM WOMAN (don't you HEAR ME roarin'??)that I would go out and help the hubbs cut our grass.  Our next door neighbor cuts the front yard when he does his own so it actually looks really nice and uniform.  The downside is that we can prolong cutting the back because you can't see it.  THIS is why the yesterday the grass was 5 feet high...and I'm SURE I spotted a few chimpanzees running around but John said that was the heat.  ANYWHO, I thought I was just gonna go out there, cut the pretty straight rows in the grass, flex my biceps and go run a 5K...LIES!!!  John was like, "Just go around in a circle"...huh???  What about the pretty rows???  He said, "Nah, you're just knocking it down first".  So, I made the first round with no problem (wellll...not TOO MUCH of a problem!).  By the fourth time, I was praying that God not let my heart jump outta my chest in the grass where it wouldn't be found.  John took pity on me and insisted that I take a break.  

After about ten minutes, my roar was up to a healthy meow and I decided to forge on.  Into my SEVENTH go round, I decided that the best thing for my husband would be for me to put an end to my grass cutting for the day.  After all, how FAIR would it have been for him to have to carry me inside once I collapsed???  
This was just another example of how out of shape I am!  I promised my husband that I will start going out more with him (what can I say...I just LUUUV the man!) but I'm working on getting into shape, too.  John GENUINELY has a love for making a lawn look great...I'd HATE to spoil that for him by having my CHEST implode!!!

I'm having SOO much fun kreating for GONE SCRAPBOOKING! I get to scrap WHAT I want, using whatever supplies I decide...what's NOT to love about that kind of freedom???  Hopefully I'll make a dent in my hoard stash in the next year!  Last week, I did a page about John teaching Kea about bugs at the Insectarium a few months ago. 
I hear SO much how well spoken Noonie is and I always think it's because he has TWO parents willing to teach him at every turn!  This week, I kreated a mini album for my assignment.  It hasn't been posted yet so I can't show it to you here (AWWW!) but keep watching the site...it'll be posted soon!

We have a nephew who has played basketball since he was two years old...well, it's more like he would run AWAY from the action back then.  But, in the last few years he's really developed his skill and passion for the sport.  And every year, his team has played in the championship. I guess it helps when your father's the coach and your mother is on the booster committee.  Well, this is the week the team travels to Orlando to play for the gold...but of COURSE the devil had to put his two cents in!  The money that the team raised to pay for their trip...some CRACKHEAD idiot stole it!  There are not TOO many things I hate WORSE than a thief.  Everything we have...we've worked and SCROUNGED for it.  And YOUR job is to scheme on how to take that away...REALLY???  So, the team has set up a Paypal account and is asking for donations.  Here's the message Arianne posted on Facebook:

Arianne FrazierJuly 21, 2010 at 8:18pm
Re: Please Help!
I just want to thank everybody for their prayers and donations. The phone calls, text messages, and e-mails have been rolling in all day of friends and family showing their support in a time like this. Tomorrow is our last day of practice before we head to Orlando Sunday morning.

I was asked again to send this message out because people thought it was spam mail. So here it is! The paypal account e-mail is larazorbacks@yahoo.com. Thanks Again from the LA Razorbacks. We love y'all and appreciate everything that y'all have done.
Even if you donate FIVE dollars it would be a blessing.  And I'm grateful for any consideration you give to contributing!!!


Amanda Sevall said...

Wow -- I have so much to say reading this!! First, I must say I love your bloggin' style girl! I feel like all that's missing is a cup of coffee and we are sitting there having a conversation! ;) I had to laugh at your lawn mowing story... totally relate to that!! LOL ;) I loved your first layout and I can't wait to see your mini album!! And finally... who does that? Why on earth would you steal from kids??? :/ One word for those peeps... karma!!

chalesek said...

I know how you feel!! So blessed to have good men in our lives who HOLD IT DOWN!!! I know men want their lawns a perfect way!! I be like CUT IT!!! Love this post:)

Jenneke said...

What a funny story about you mowing the lawn! Felt almost like my own story, because I did my lawn too a few days ago and I almost had to be reanimated...lol
GREAT layout and I can't wait to see you mini!


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