20 September 2010

My truck...

...goes into the shop this morning for an at LEAST $500 repair.
My son made a D on a quiz I BEGGED him to get help with.
My old friend insomnia has been visiting me QUITE a bit this week.
Does anyone have an extra umbrella because OBVIOUSLY the storm
HAS ARRIVED. I'm off to pray!

17 September 2010

Did you know...

...that Michael's is offering a 40% off ANY regular priced Martha Stewart craft item through Sunday?  I've NEVAH seen a coupon specifically for an MS product...as a matter of fact, most coupons  normally EXCLUDE them!  THIS is the link to the coupon.  In case you've had too many beers tonight and can't get it to work, just go to the Creating Keepsakes website and you should see the link in the left column.  I'm gettin' one of those around the page border punches with mine...what are YOU gettin'?

By the way, the link to Eb's Etsy shop is

16 September 2010

My girl...

...Eboness, who I've known since high school has dipped her toes into the etsy pool!


Rose Covered Monogram Letters
If you have girls or you'll a girly girl yourself, you might wanna check out her shop, SHEER BLISS DESIGNS...I bet you'll fall in love!

13 September 2010

I am...

...the September guest designer over at
But, you'll have to wait a few more days to see my first project...

09 September 2010

Have you ever been in love..

...with a company?  A love that's not obvious at first but develops gradually?  I mean, I have a crush on American Crafts...mostly fueled by my Thickers addiction.  But, there are some companies where you see a piece of patterned paper that blows your mind.  You check out the manufacturer and say to yourself, "HMMM...niiiiice!"  Then those alphabet stickers catch your eye.

Again, you look for the maker, "HMMM, ANOTHER great product from _________!"  Pretty soon, whenever you see great supplies you come to anticipate that ________ has made them.  You begin to excitedly look forward to new release time because you KNOW this company is coming WITH IT!!! 

SEI is one of those companies. I know that I hoard use a lot of their newer supplies but when I really began delving into the DEPTHS of my crush, I realized that this obsession has been present for a WHILE!!!

  I've scrapped travel pictures of my little guys

AND a picture of my family
on Mother's Day.   I've made a page for my teenager to tell his Daddy
just how much he appreciates him...as well as a page to show that
same teenager
just how much we appreciate him coming home safely at summer's end.  My addiction also extends to
books I make for others.  I guess you understand now why there's SOO much SEI in Kreatorville's  kits, too!!!  SOO, can you figure out the THIRD company I HOARD???

08 September 2010

I was talking to...

...this girl about the current challenge over at "These are a Few of My Favorite Things".   Until September 13th (which IRONICALLY is Char's birthday!), they're asking scrappers to share their favorite manufacturers.  And, although we differ on some of the companies (she IS more of a girly girl, after all!!!) there are a couple of manufacturers that we're both drawn to. We love them because they aren't frilly nor are they completely boyish...they manage to strike a balance.  Sassafras is one of those companies.  I can scrap pictures of Mardi Gras

or make a page for Kea's  "@ Two" book.

I can use it to kreate pages of my cutie pie niece

As well as a picture of my cutie pie kid!

(I just LOVE pictures of Mahd when he had the chubby cheeks...just the EPITOME of cuteness!!)
I love that I can use Sassafras to kreate elegant pages (like this one of my brother and me at the Zulu ball almost ten years ago!)

as well as fun party pages

(like the page of the Husband's cream cheese birthday cake that I made to document how GOOOD it was...I had just baked a disastrous cake for Mahd about a week before and THIS was my redemption!)

I use Sassafras to kreate fun pages for our family book

as well as awesome holiday pages!

NOW you all know WHY you all see SOO much Sass in Kreatorville kits...

It's because I'm OBSESSED!!!

Like a few of the design team members at Favorite Things have said, I don't know too many scrap manufacturers that I don't like!  But, there are two more companies that I have an extra affinity for like Sassafras.  There's something VERY ironic about those other two companies...something they have in common with Sassafras.  If you guess what they have in common, you'll know what the other two companies are!

04 September 2010

Don't you just LOVE...

...learning new techniques??  I get SOO excited when it's Charity
or Jenneke's turn to showcase a favorite kreative technique on the blog because I know I'm gonna add something visually stunning to my repertoire!     When Jenneke introduced the September technique to us, I couldn't help rubbing my hands together in glee (think evil scientist!)  I've wanted to try this on my projects for a long time and just never realized how easy it is!  I've used it on the first two pages I completed with the September Kreatorville kit:

Can't you see it?  It's....NAH!  You gotta GUESS!!!
By the way, date night was a ROARING success!  It felt WEIRD, though because I got to go to the salad bar WITH my husband.  One of us normally stays with the kids.  We got to SIT together, too! These are things you REALLY take for granted when you don't have kids!!!  And the dessert?  WELLLL, when was the last time YOU had a BAD DESSERT??? ;P

01 September 2010

Anyone need...

...some VIRUS complete with explosive diarrhea???  Are you SURE...'cause we have PLENTY enough over here to share!
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