15 January 2010

What a great way...

...to my weekend!
*my husband is taking me away to celebrate our anniversary!!!
*my husband bought me 2 memory cards...AND Kea gave me the other one back!!!!
*Kreatorville is featured here and here!!!
The Deuce is loose again!!!! To recap: we were loving Deuce as a Saint; Saints got rid of Deuce; Deuce is a Saint again!!!!

My weekend is complete!!!!


Jaime Lynne said...

Happy, happy anniversary to you and John! I hope your celebration is memorable.

Also, did you get my email about helping you out this month? I replied the next day and didn't hear back. I know you've been busy, though.

Natalie said...

Happy anniversary, and yay for the abundance of memory cards!

*charygirl said...

Happy Anniversary Keandra and JOhn!!

yay for the memory cards!!

Lynnette Davis said...

OMG! I LOVE your header! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubs. Sounds like you've had an awesome week!
We are on the DT together for B&B and I wanted to invite you to follow my blog http://desperatearmyhousewife.blogspot.com

Nina said...

Hi Keandra ... i am really looking forward to working with you at B&B again this year ...:-)

I have just added the follower feature to my blog and if you like, i invite you to follow my blog: http://thescrapbookersnest.blogspot.com/

I have just added myself to your blog followers list, so now i will be able to always keep tabs on your wonderful creations!!

ohh, and i really love your blog banner .... too cool!!!

Jaime Lynne said...

Did you not get my second email either? Hotmail is really ticking me off!

Don said...

Happy Belated Anniversary.

I am happy the Saints returned Deuce as honorary captain (probably to retire him the correct way and avoid the jinx of trying to avoid paying McAllister's signing bonus and letting him go in the first place).

Saints fan since '92. Back then, a few years earlier, we were called Aints. LOL! Remember. Come Sunday night, we will be known as Super Bowl Champions.

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