04 January 2010

Just a quick post for all of you...

....voracious readers!!! One of my Christmas gifts from my husband was a gift card for Barnes & Noble. Now, anyone who really knows me KNOWS that I could NEVER have too many books! But, since we had just made a trip to Border's a few days before our Christmas celebration, I didn't feel like a trip to Barnes & Noble too (too much sunshine for a homebody like me!) So, I decided to check out the online offerings from B&N....and I'm SO glad I did!!!! I ended up with THIRTEEN books for $60!!!! They LITERALLY have over 23,000 books right now on sale for $3.99 or under! There's NO WAY I could go through them all (it took me three hours to go through the first 1,000!) but I still feel like I got an awesome selection-a LOT of fiction, some inspirational, a health guide and a what-to-eat guide for kids. The greatest part is that any order over $25 ships free!!!! Check it out!


Vel said...

I got a B&N card from my boss this year...didn't even think to check online. Thanks for the tip!

Jaime Lynne said...

Super, SUPER great gift idea and awesome deal. I could easily be overrun with books but I convinced myself that I already have the largest collection of books in the world and I do not have to actually store them... at the public library.

How's the little one feeling now?

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