03 February 2010

Do you know what...

...this is?

ALL the freakin' pages my kreative mind told me to make last year!!!! I guess before I went on kreating all willy nilly I should have THOUGHT ABOUT having to HOUSE all of these pages AFTERWARDS!!!! I just got about six American Crafts albums which I filled up immediately!
So, I need to buy about EIGHT more IMMEDIATELY!!! But, even this big pile of pages needing to be housed can stop me from kreating!!!! Jennifer Yates, Kreatorville's January Kontributing Kreator, sent me an invitation to join Inspired Blueprints. Jen has done such awesome work for Kreatorville...how could I resist? Plus, I LOVE a good sketch/challenge site! This is the page I made for sketch #141
Ahmad picked a flower for me one day on his way home from school and told me, "for no reason, Ma...I just thought you'd like it!" With a STICK, I tell you!!!! I'm gonna have to beat 'em off with a STICK!!!
Pretty soon, John is gonna have to take me on another weekend getaway! When I get stressed/overwhelmed, I do stuff like this
I was cooking Cornbread Dressing (the BOMB!) and I needed to cut up butter over the top before baking. We don't use butter that often so we keep it in the freezer. Instead of me letting it sit out for a few minutes to soften up, I decided to cut a few pats off with a fork. The fork slipped off the frozen butter and stuck through my finger and under my nail. John came home, looked at me and asked, "Bay, what are you DOING?" If THIS picture is reason enough for him to take me out of town...I don't know WHAT IS!!!!
THAT hasn't stopped me from kreating, though! This month, the Kreators all decided to recycle something using the January kit. I chose to turn a peanut can
into a pin cushion. Now I have somewhere other than the WALL to stick all those needles!!! Everything you see on my project is available in the January kit. Anyone interested in subscribing to one can contact me @keandra@kreatorvillekraft.com. Don't forget to check out the KREATORVILLE KRAFT blog to see what everyone else kreated using the kit! And, I promise not to stay away so long again!


Peggy said...

oh sweets, that "no special occasion" LO must be one of the prettiest LO's I've ever seen ... I love it so much, the fun, cool papers together with the gorgeous flowers ... you made a "romantic" page while staying true to your own style ... I'm in love!!!
And you know already I love your altered project. How on earth did you come up with the idea of making a pin cushen, you're a genius!!!
xxxx Peggy

Jenneke said...

I agree Keandra, the 'special occasion' page is perfect!! LOVE the circles-paper and the flowers are amazing!!!! And how sweet of your boy to do this!!
I scrolled down as quick as I could when I saw that photo of your finger!! Buhhh, I don't like blood, certainly not in the early morning...

Have a good day!!


*charygirl said...

That box is insane! At least you know the boys won't have to fight over your creations MUCH MUCH later down the road, They'll have enough to share....snicker That's how I think of it anyhow, theres five kiddos and they're all going to want a page or two right?!

LOVE your take on sketch #141....the fabric flower and recycled prima package are great touches!

And I'm sure Edward would have loved your Cornbread dressing with the extra flavor....right?! ;)

Vel said...

See, my biggest problem is I've got like 100 pages in protectors but they're sitting on a shelf waiting to go in empty albums. I hate taking apart the postbound albums and the one d-ring I have if you jostle it the tiniest bit the protects rip right out of the book, just like in high school. Drives me insane. And thank you for letting me vent that to you, even though you don't care. ;P

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