12 January 2010


....I took my memory card out of my camera to upload some pictures into the computer. Our printer has slots for the memory card to be pushed directly into it...takes away the necessity of plugging the camera itself into the computer. ANYWHO, I guess I'll learn ONE day not to leave something SO IMPORTANT around Kea...my memory card? MIA!!!! I feel like I might stop breathing. I took some GREAT pix of us at the park yesterday. I wanted THOSE specific pictures to complete my layouts using the January Kreatorville Kraft kit; I....NEED....MY...MEMORY....CARD!!!! Lesson learned: an extra battery is not all I need to maintain my sanity. So, since a blog post is not really complete without a picture...here ya go:


Vel said...

I'd probably freak too...though I've been *fairly* good about uploading pics right away. OK, maybe not that good but I do try! Love that pic, btw!

Jenneke said...

Ohhhh, so sorry for you, Keandra!!!
But this picture is soooo cute!

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