27 August 2009

my house smells....

...like sweaty workmen and sautering iron but the fountain that magically appeared in our living room is gone. what?!?!? i didn't tell you about the fountain?!?! no, it wasn't an expensive feature we voluntarily added to bring the value of our home up to $1.5 million (HA!!). this was something mother nature chose to share with us...and we didn't appreciate it.
a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that there was water leaking from under a cabinet in the kitchen. it wasn't consistent; it would appear and disappear at will. when we would see it, we'd wipe it up and life went on. the water obviously didn't want to be ignored because it got worse. john moved the cabinet, we'd clean the water up....and life went on. after a couple of weeks of this, THAT water dried up and we started seeing water seep from under the tv in the living room. even though the laundry room is behind the living room, THAT floor was dry...WEIRD! well, earlier this week we could hear a "pssst" sound and, as i watched, water started squirting up in the middle of the living room floor...CRAP!!!! now, last year we had another leak and we ended up paying about $1100 to have it repaired so our nerves were instantly set on BAD when the fountain appeared. but, the sweaty workmen came today and rerouted the pipe through our attic and our home smells sweaty but it's dry! THE END!!!
of COURSE you all know about my internet drama, but i won't go into details. all i WILL say is this: if i hadn't kreated as many layouts as i did in the last few weeks, i would have either stabbed one of my guys or overdosed on some of the good drugs we have in our house. i knew that kreating helped me but i didn't realize how much until i had to survive a few weeks with no internet...my husband should be VERY glad about my krafting addiction because he almost got stuck in his eye SEVERAL times in the last couple of weeks! you can go here to see all the work i finished in the past few weeks. to give you an idea of how much i completed, some of my girls over at scrapbook.com have nicknamed me the...ummm...gallery HO!!! check it out!
my head hurts too badly right now to make this long...well, any longer than it already is! i'll be back soon!!!


.charity. said...

Gallery Ho, Oh my!! Oh, that sounds like Julie's doing!;)
Go on with your bad self...I love to see your art!
And I'm glad the sweaty workmen are out of your hair....

Julie Howard said...

Sorry about the gusher - had I been there I would have put on my suit and played in it for a bit before the workmen showed. :P

Glad it's fixed and that you won't be ho'in up the gallery much longer.

As a side note - it disturbs me greatly that Char knows me so well.

Feelin' Scrappy said...

I was wondering how you were able to do SO MANY beautiful LOs in such a short time. Gallery HO, LOL. You rock as always

Jaime Lynne said...

Some women might consider a house full of sweaty workmen to be a hot thing. I guess that all depends on the workmen, though. :)

You are no gallery ho, my friend. Just a superstar scrapper!

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