05 August 2009

testing, testing...

1-2-3. a couple of days ago, we took kea to animal kingdom (i guess 13 is THAT age because ahmad didn't want to come with us. jamani COULDN'T come because of getting ready for school). anywho, we stood in line to meet the head rat, took pix in front of all the awesome scenery and guess what?!?!? my camera was set on "crappy" because NONE of the pix came out right! now, if you're readers of my blog, you're probably like minded...good pix are almost like oxygen to us. so, you understand how devastated i was to look at those pix when we got back to the resort. if money wasn't tight, i would have told john, "oh, H*$% no!" let's get MORE tickets and go back tomorrow...DO OVER!!!!" but, praise God, we did go to epcot today. in the truck i took several pix of myself to make sure i didn't shank the receptionist at the resort because i had no good picture memories!!!
for several reasons, we felt that epcot was 500% better than animal kingdom...well, john and i anyway because this is what noonie thought of going to epcot:
animal kingdom just felt like the rain forest...it was too freakin' hawt!!! once we saw so many animals and the tree of life 10 times, we were ready to go. i think john and i may just be getting too old for all of this! the other thing was that i suggested to the man that we bring kea's stroller. but, the MAN said we didn't have room in the back of the truck for the stroller; the MAN said we didn't NEED the stroller. and even though i thought about having to lug the little one around for HOURS, because john IS the man...well, you know how it went! when we were parking at epcot, he told kea, "you're walking today!" i had visions of appealing to all my online peeps to PLEASE help bring my pretty lil boy home safely...UHN UHN, PAD-NUH!!! we'll just be renting a stroller! he flipped because THAT was $15, but the WOMAN stepped in! it was SO WORTH IT!!!
epcot was just so much more interesting to us! there was just so much innovation and vibrance at epcot! this is a paid advertisment by the disney corporation! not really...it just seems like i'm gushing because i've been paid! it just feels good to spend a MILLION dollars to get into the park and not even CARE afterwards because you ABSOLUTELY enjoyed yourself...AND got great PIX!!!!
john had a great time too, getting all into the spirit of things!
he volunteered (well, his wife volunteered him!) to play a game where he had to change and feed as many babies as possible in 60 seconds...of course he whipped tail! (GO WILLIS!!!) AND i got a real smile on FILM, VEL!!!!

oh, and kea?
he felt the same way leaving that he felt entering the park...indifferent!!! we leave for georgia in the morning to pick mr. cheeks up. i may not upload any pix of him when we first get him because he's already told me that his hair hasn't been twisted since he left home so i know he looks like tangled kelp by the head! we head home saturday! can't wait to upload the projects i've started/finished on vacation and to tell you all how God delivered ahmad's father from a royal cussin' yesterday!!!


Peggy said...

I know how you feel ... it feels like the day just didn't happen if you don't have pics, right! Been there! Glad to hear you enjoyed Epcot ... I've actually been there once, when I was 16 ... I loved it!!!!
xxx Peggy

Vel said...


Look what a handsome man he is with that big 'ole smile! Yay John, knew you could do it! Glad you guys had a good time, sorry about the pics at Animal Kingdom. I'm with you on the sights...I had a much better time at Universal than at Disney...I go for the underdog anyway though. :)

Taj White said...

wow that photo of epcot looks awesome. Good to know you guys are having a ball. Can't wait to see all the layouts that come from this trip.

Taj White said...

wow that photo of epcot looks awesome. Good to know you guys are having a ball. Can't wait to see all the layouts that come from this trip.

.charity. said...

OMG....Smilin' John is the best photo yet! Sorry most of the others were a bust.

Julie Howard said...

Bummer about the pics with the Big Cheese! Did you guys use Disney's Photo Pass at least? I hope so - cause then at least you'll have the ones that the Disney photographers took. Granted it'll cost you about $15 a pic, but it's the Big Cheese! And I love the pics of John with the apron and babies. Ha! Can't wait to see what you do with that. Glad ya'll had such a fun time.

Jojorenee said...

Sure looks like you're having a GREEAT time!

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