20 May 2009

this is what happens...

...when i ask my husband to write a note for me:
vva stands for vietnam veterans of america and they pick up your discards (like goodwill). the last time i called for a pick up, i forgot to put the bags out for them. so, the stuff has been sitting under our carport for about a month. when john asked this morning when they were coming to pick the stuff up, i called to reschedule and asked him to write me a big note to remind me that they're coming tomorrow...think he was a little PEEVED?!?!?
OH! let me warn you right off: if you haven't had your second cup of coffee or you have breakfast on the stove you might want to come back and read this later! it's gonna be long as H#$*!!!
i haven't posted pictures of my mother's day loot yet because i still haven't gotten it right! john bought me five blouses and gave me a gift card. two of the blouses fit; the other three were exchanged. when i got THOSE home i realized that they obviously shrunk on the way home because THEY didn't fit. SO, john and i went out shopping yesterday (have i MENTIONED that i HATE TO SHOP?!?!?) and i decided that i would just stop playing around and i would just get some 1x shirts. THOSE fit me like maternity shirts. i don't know what to do now besides wear a sackcloth! if i can't fit the misses' large and the women's 1x is too big...what to do, WHAT TO DO?!?!? any suggestions?
i don't know if i ever told you all how i started krafting. i was about five years old and instead of using the paper that my parents gave me my crayons, i decided that the white wall would be a MUCH better palette. my parents obviously didn't agree because i was punished AND i had to destroy my masterpiece (they made me scrub the wall...GASP!!!) now that i'm almost 40, i think all the time about the things i did to my parents and how my kids will probably get me back. jamani and ahmad both draw but keanohn has demonstrated a SERIOUS propensity for art. he gets a gleam in his eye whenever he spies a pair of scissors he thinks are within his reach; he picks up my tools and studies them closely (dare i dream he may have an interest in scrapping?!); and the other day he kreated this masterpiece:

i took these pictures especially for my mom. she deserves a little "i told ya so" and "how do YOU like it?!?" i'll let you know how long she laughs...i'll time her!
i entered two layouts in the OLW "two" challenge. i didn't win but i DID see this on their website:

i thought that was pretty cool...they like me...they REALLY like me!!!
john and i were chaperones for ahmad's class when they went to the zoo last week. how cool is it that this 12-almost-13-year old still wants his parents to be with him? he actually begged me to go!!! that meant the world to me! i guess even more now that i have one who is turning EIGHTEEN and takes every opportunity to be with his friends rather than his parents. here are a few pix from our day:

i'm PRETTY SURE john and i had a better time than the kids...i know we ALL slept well that night! if you're wondering why ahmad has that jacket on when it was about 500 degrees outside...when we figure it out, i'll let you know!
this weekend promises to be another busy one. my baby graduates friday; my mom will be in town from florida; my 20th high school reunion takes place (please no old jokes!); john's 25th reunion festivities begin (his school celebrates for like five months...DANG!!!); and jamani's best friend graduates. SOOOO, i should be finishing jamani's mini album; making kristiana's canvas and working on my mom's album so she can take it home with her instead of us paying the usps $3,000 to ship it. so, WHY am i blogging? 'cause i have to keep y'all in the know! i'll be back with pix and the haps monday...so have your wheaties before you log in!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your weekend is full! Congrats to your son and hope you had fun on your reunion.

Love your layout for OLW, CONGRATS! :-)

Marit said...

Hope you had a wonderful week/weekend and managed to get everything done that you wanted... please tell everything (how long DID your mum laugh?) I LOVE reading your stories! (I take my coffee upstairs to the computer before visiting you next time - thanks for the warning!)

.charity. said...

You know us parents always have more fun than the kids when we get to chaperone, no one's telling us to stay in line and stop hitting the kid next to them....snicker ;)

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