06 May 2009

i'm scared

sooo, john and i were having a discussion about mother's day...well, specifically what i wanted for mother's day. since i'm experiencing double jeopardy (can't fit anything in my closet + in denial about my TRUE size), i said, i really need some clothes. hubbs eyes lit up and i think he even drooled a little. he was like, COOL!!!! i'll get right on it. just then, i came out of the coma. i mean, what was i THINKING, entrusting my husband with the TREMENDOUS task of shopping for me!?!? would he spend too much? would he remember that his wife wears size "BIG BOOTIE"?!?! more importantly, would the clothes be CUTE?!? he came back from the mall smiling...and i'm more afraid than ever. so, if i upload pix from mother's day and i'm wearing scrubs...YOU KNOW!!! he either bought a size 10 and i choked him to death and i'm trying to get accustomed to prison wear or it was just UUUgly and i "mistakenly" dropped the staz on right in the center of the left pants leg!
i'm so excited because i spent a few hours today making mother's day cards. i DON'T DO cards!!! i don't know what the problem is...i'm just kreatively challenged when it comes to cards and minis. but, i decided to stop avoiding cards and work it OUT!!! i think i did a pretty decent job! 7 down; 4 more to go! take a look:
for my sweet friend, julie whose not a human mommy but
is a kitty mama!!!
i think this one is going to my mom in florida
for my secret mommy in the mother's day swap at tally scrapper

for my mother in law

this is for one of my scrappin' friends...can't tell you which
because she follows my blog!
another for a scrappy friend!!

and last but not least, a card for j (aime lynne) on her 1st mother's day!
i STILL think they should have named the baby LIL LEROY LEA but
he's still beautiful! ;)
in other news, i'm pretty excited about scoring this:
don't ask me why but i've wanted one of these forEVA!!! i guess it's because in my head (yeah, i said in my HEAD...yous wanna make somethin' out of it?!) i see myself not only being a proficient scrapper but also seamstress, crochet-er and photographer. i see me doing all of this while the birds and the squirrels sweep and fold the clothes (wait...think that was cinderella). but i really am obsessed with these body forms. this one is a little taller than kea (a little over 2') and it's cast iron....awww, divas...i am in L-O-V-E!!!! i haven't even brought it to the back to my studio yet. it's not that i think my dirty room will swallow it never to be seen again (well, that IS PART of the reason!). i just sit at the computer and everytime i'm at a loss for words i look over at it and...and...it INSPIRES me!!! that's what i tell hubbs. when he looked at the price tag

his eyes glazed over and i could read his mind: what the HELL is she gonna do with this? i just couldn't pass up this price! he may REALLY strangle me when i start sewing with FABRIC and it's a NECESSITY to buy the $150 body form...maybe i should wait a year for that, huh?
well, gotta go before hubbs finds me passed out on the living room floor and bans me from the computer for a week! later!!!


Peggy said...

I do so love reading your blog Keandra, your writing is super entertaining.
Have a little faith in your hubby girl, it can't be that bad!!!! I think that smile meant you're going to be one hot mama on mother's day!
Love your cards ... I just started on a mini-album for my SIL, and I'm having trouble with that mini-size as well. You rocked the cards though.
I'm ashamed to say I still haven't posted those playing cards :-( Just to let you know, they're still here and still have your name on them! I'll let you know once I've finally dropped them off in the postal office.
xxx Peggy

Dolores said...

I so enjoy reading your blog when I have a chance, I feel as though I am right there with you as far as the closet thing. LOL. I'm also coming out of that coma. It has taken 4 yrs. lol Looking forward to seeing what your husband gets you. Love all of your cards.

gudrun said...

Oh, so happy to have a little peek into your life. Can't wait to get to know you better on the Lotus team.

Jaime Lynne said...

Finally I have some time to read blogs and I see this in my reader and it makes me smile and cry.

You don't do cards?!?!?! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard! Seriously... these are amazing and I am so touched by that adorable card for our new baby. K, you are such a beautiful person and I am lucky you picked me for a friend.

And I still need to send my scrap los to you... as soon as I can leave the house with this little baby I'm putting them in the mail.

You make me smile! You are the best!

Marit said...

Hi there Keandra! I'm soooo exited to be on the Lotus Paperie team with you! Congratulations to you too! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and work together!

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