08 May 2009

Great news!!!

Guess what?!?!? i got an email a couple of days ago saying, "welcome!!! you're now a part of

i'm freakin' out!!! you know, being chosen for a design team to me is verification that your kreations appeal to others! even though you want to say what others think doesn't matter...sometimes it makes you feel good when they appreciate your art! what makes being picked for this team so great, too, is that gudrun and marit have already sent (and received!) congrats!!! i can't wait to start kreating!!!
in other scrappy news, tally's may kit will be out in SEVEN MORE DAYS!!!! it's called "like a box of crayons!" if i wasn't technology challenged, i could post a nice picture of it for you! tell you what: just go here to check it out!

I did a layout a few months ago with a picture of my dad holding a newborn ahmad (almost THIRTEEN years ago!!!) this picture is SO precious to me because (as i've told you before) i don't have many picture of my dad with us. div challenged us to use a buzz and bloom product without it actually being there! i used several of my b & b yummies as masks. make sure to check out what the other divas did!!! it's amazing to see how we get the same instructions and come up with such different art!!!
well, i have a few layouts and MOTHER'S DAY CARDS to finish!!! i know i SHOULD be hanging my head in shame but....ummmm...i'm NOT!!! this is the first occasion/holiday in the LONGEST that i've gotten THIS many done!!! so, i'm quite pleased with myself about my progress!!! plus, i bathed the little boy this morning, washed his hair and fed him...what more do you want? enjoy this day!


Peggy said...

YEAAAAH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Soooooooo well deserved my friend!
xxx Peggy

Marit said...

Hey, happy mothersday! Just curious, what did you get? Oh, and I love your LO! Those drops are amazing...

.charity. said...

Congrats girl!! How cool is that?! I'm so excited for you, you soooooo deserve to be on their DT :)

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