21 March 2009

under pressure

my neck is SO tight right now! i'm praying for God to give me strength! my parents' 30 year anniversary is this week. i really wanted to give them a big to do, but we're unable. so, hubbs has agreed to cook dinner for them thursday. we'll just have them and my sibs over, maybe a FEW more people. the big blow out was cancelled because my best friend is getting married saturday in houston and i want to be there!!! he's been married before so it's not a big event...but, it's a big deal for me to be there. plus, i can't go to texas ANOTHER TIME without visiting ikea!!! we've already set money aside for me to shop. i HATE shopping (i love online shopping but i break out into hives when i THINK about going into a store!!!) but i LOVE a bargain. ikea is just like bargain CENTRAL to me! i've had emmanuel (my best friend) do some shopping there for us before but it's just not the same as ME being there (and maybe taking a picture or 75!). i also have a friend who was my best friend in high school who evacuated to texas after katrina. she lost everything, including all her memories. so, i've taken it upon myself to start an album for her since i DO have some pix of her from that time. i know i won't finish but if i can at LEAST give her the album, i'll be able to mail any additional pages. and what are we giving emmanuel as a wedding gift? you guessed it: an album. to make matters WORSE, my mojo is FLOWIN' right now. this is normally a good thing but it's killing me right now. i can't concentrate on my parents, abena or emmanuel because all of these "OOOOH, i can do THIS next!" ideas keep popping into my head! it's about 2:30 am right now and i need to be cleaning (i like to give the garbage men as MUCH trash as possible on wednesdays and saturdays!!!) but all i can think of is wedding layouts. oh, i left THAT part out: it has really started to bother me that i never finished our wedding album so i've been working on THAT, too. so, i'm gonna bother you all for some prayers right now: please pray for God to give me the strength to clean, entertain, scrap for us and others this week! i appreciate it!

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Genevieve said...

Crossing my fingers for you!

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