08 March 2009

Just some randomness...

(translation: it's been too freakin' long since i last posted so i have to get three weeks of stuff into one post!) lately, i can't believe my mind (to quote the great zaboomafoo!) i've lost sight of the fact that krafting is supposed to be my release, not a stressor. i've been completing design team assignments, challenge assignments, design team tryout assignments (do you see the trend?) my husband even told me that i need to slow down because in addition to all of that, i'm still cooking, organizing, and kickin' it with my guys. i feel like i can't slow down now because i'm on a roll. once the house is organized, i won't have THAT to concentrate on; i'll only have to worry about maintaining. once i'm on one or two (or fifteen) more design teams, i can concentrate on just those assignments. and in the midst of it all, i'll get some kreation time just for me.
so, i know it's a few weeks late, but i've been wanting to show you all a picture of a mardi gras indian.isn't he beautiful? they spend MONTHS decorating their costumes. My dream (when we move into the big house) is to display one of these on a mannequin somewhere in our home. how new orleans is THAT?!?!
these images of mardi gras...NOT so beautiful! and since i was sitting down holding kea the whole time we were out there, these are only the ones that i could catch before they walked away!!! this is how it goes down in new orleans this time of year. i've been here for 36 of my 37 years and some of the stuff STILL surprises me!!!

speaking of beautiful, look at my baby:

random images of jamani from ages 7 months to 2 years oldi've been in a very contemplative mood lately. i guess since i'm nearing 40 (kickin' it in the behind!) and my son is making EIGHTEEN and going away to college in the fall.
i'm so proud of him! he actually got enough credits in his junior year of high school where he only takes four classes this year. so, when he leaves school early he takes classes at a local university. when he graduates from high school in may, he will have enough credits be a SOPHOMORE when he goes to Southern University at Baton Rouge in the fall! ok, you may praise my child now! i'm sorry for the breasts which are inflated but i'm looking back and thinking it was all worth it. all the times i took off to take him to the hospital and the nights i stayed up late, nursing him. all the days i spared his life and didn't send him to see Jesus when he rolled his eyes at me or sucked his teeth...it was ALL WORTH IT!!!! he's maturing and becoming the successful human that i've been grooming and praying for him to be. now, i just have to get through this twice more without killing one of them and going to jail...Lord help me!!!

so, i had to kreate a layout for a challenge at tally scrapper. we had to kreate a page highlighting the relationship between ourselves and another person. because i'm thinking so much about this man child that i just held in my arms for the first time last WEEK (seems like!) i kreated my layout about him:
it feels weird, thinking about my son calling me from college telling me, mama, i just had sex with this girl and i think she wants more from me than i'm ready to give...wait, i think i'm gonna throw up...

ok, i'm back! i know i have to get my mind right but...it's just SO HARD!!!

my parents' 30th wedding anniversary is in about two weeks. when my mom was sick, she was in the hospital through mother's and father's day. my dad asked that we do a "parents' day" in place of late celebrations. i know that he thinks we've forgotten but hubbs and i are planning something...as if i don't have ENOUGH to do! i did a layout using their engagement picture.

i'm gonna have this enlarged and framed as their gift...hope they like it!

well, i gotta go spend some money at bathandbodyworks.com. tonight only, the sleep aromotherapy items are $8 with $3 shipping...can't beat it! hubbs and i love that pillow mist and we're out. i promise it won't be another three weeks before i vent again!


Peggy said...

Keandra, I'm so loving reading your blog. Not only do I see the most amazing LO's here, your writing style is so entertaining, so much fun, it always puts a huge smile on my face.
Congrats on the academic successes of your oldest boy! I'm sure you'll survive the younger ones without doing them bodily harm LOL. I think you and your hubby are doing a wonderful job, your children all sound delightful!

I've finally organised my closets and found some playing cards to send to you (sorry it took me so long, but I did warn you LOL, I'm so not organised...). I probably won't have time to go the postal office today, but they will definitely be in the mail by tomorrow at the latest.

Love xxx Peggy

Cathy said...

oh how wonderful. I absolutely love reading about young men who care about their education. Congrats to him for what sounds like a enormous job well done.

Dolores said...

OMG Keandra I love your work, I so love the layout of your parents. Beautiful as always.

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