01 April 2009

you take the good, you take the bad...

...you take them both and there you have the facts of life! i feel like i'm stuck in a tv show right now! bad news first: hubbs comes home yesterday and says, well, there was a layoff at work today. my mind INSTANTLY processed that OTHER people being laid off doesn't affect our bank balance so that left him! what sucks is that he's worked for this company for TEN YEARS and they didn't care enough about him to give him TWO WEEKS NOTICE? how do you just call someone OVER THE PHONE and say, "by the way, don't come to work tomorrow!"?!?!? and they couldn't tell us this before we made the trip to texas this past weekend? i mean, i wanted to be there for my friend but MY house and MY family come first...that money would have stayed in the bank! i keep telling hubbs that they won't be blessed for how they handled him; i keep BEGGING him that if he's asked to return, to PLEASE not do so without a raise! we'll be ok, though. if i just stop buying supplies every TWO DAYS we'll be able to continue supplying our account! ;)
so, onto the good! i FINALLY cut the last relaxer out of my hair and i'm officially natural! it felt like FOR EVA to me, but i know women who say it took eight MONTHS for their hair to reach the length my new growth has reached in five. here's the new look:
this was while we were waiting for my best friend's wife to get ready. here are a few more pix from the wedding:
this is my best friend, emmanuel
my two handsome guys before the wedding

emmanuel and ethan waiting for mommy to come
yeah...no, he REALLY wasn't interested!!!
emmanuel and rochelle thomas
strange fact: this is my best friend's second marriage...his first wife's name was rachelle; my middle name is rachelle. i think he just LIKES having rachelles around him!
did you look closely at the sidebar? see anything different? i made the spring design team at tally scrapper!!!! i feel like i have to strike while the iron is hot! what am i trying to do, you ask?
trying to take over the WORLD, pinky!!!

p.s. i didn't get to finish the layouts for emmanuel and abena before we went to texas, so i'll just have to mail them when i do! the dinner for my parents was really nice. they were really surprised! hopefully we can do a big hoopla next year (if God spares our lives!) i DID get to visit ikea and i was kinda disappointed!!!! SO MANY things looked giNORmous in the catalog and doll sized in person; other items were just cheap! still spent over $100! i'll go back but it won't be so urgent next time! and this is a layout i did today:
this dude is SO funny!!! when i observed him pacing back and forth, i almost wanted to scream,"pimps up, hoes down!" but i know that wouldn't be very mommy-like!!! he DOES look like he's cussing somebody, doesn't he? i promise i'm finished for the night!


Peggy said...

First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband losing his job! The crisis is hitting some of my close friends here in Belgium as well, it's just awful! I like your positive attitude though, keep smiling my friend!
I love your new look, you're one beautiful lady!
Congrats on making the DT, they would have been fools not to want you, you rock!
I love the pics of your little guy, especially that right one at the bottom, his expression is priceless! And of course the LO is awesome, as usual!
Love xxx Peggy

Julie Howard said...

So sorry to hear about hubby's lay off. Hang in there! Things can only get better, right? Congrats on the DT spot - that's great! Just keep telling yourself to use up your stash... use up your stash. I'll be thinking of you and if you need anything (like pp, bling, thickers) you just let me know!

Jaime Lynne said...

Layoffs?!?! Yuck. I am so sorry but proud of you for your positive attitude. Good luck staying away from the supplies.

What a beautiful bride and groom! Your new look is fab and that lo is now my favorite K lo ever. I will add it to my favs at scrapbook.com.

Peggy said...

Thanks for your sweet words Keandra, I loved the lyrics too, so many possibilities to choose from this month. Your hubby sleeping huh, can't wait to see what you come up with for those pics LOL. You always show a wonderful sense of humor in your work, which makes it pure pleasure to visit your gallery. You're always able to put a big big smile on my face.
I totally forgot, but I'll be posting some playing cards for you first thing tomorrow, so sorry it took me so long (glad I warned you about my bad habit of forgetting things...). Let me know when they arrive, I'm curious to find out how long it takes.
xxx Peggy

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