22 December 2008


dang, this time gets away from you!!! i didn't realize that it's been weeks since i was last here, sharing. i need to vent about my butt...i'm just too big rightnow. and i just don't know what is gonna motivate me to lose the weight. hubbs and i both have reunions coming up in six months and THAT hasn't even motivated me! i need help and i don't know what to do! so depressing!


Cathy said...

Same here, instead of losing m last 5 pounds of baby weight (which is what was left when I walked out of the hospital) I now have 20 to lose. I have my reunion in 09 too and Im still there with you. I seriously need some motivation. Merry Christmas!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

You can do it!! :D Happy New Year Chica!

Blue Banana said...

Yay! You can do it! Come on!!!

Happy Holidays!!

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