04 December 2008

CRAP! I forgot...

...the show n' tell! first of all, can we just sit back for a second and absorb the fact that i'm bloggin' two days in a row? in the words of the wise and immortal kanye west: you can't tell me NUthin'!!!! but, i digress! i went to the mailbox monday and got this out:
and what to my wondering eyes did appear when i turned to page 74?
that's right, baby!!!! the cutie patootie in the upper left hand corner is my keanohn! that's right...that's right...my noonie willis is all up in there! i'm so excited because this is my first time being published in a paper mag! being published is like tattoos...very addictive!!! i want to contact lowe's free mag and submit my home improvement project. or, i want to submit my bikini clad bod next to a racing car to the racing mags (can you wear a body shaper with a bikini??) i NEED TO BE PUBLISHED again!!!! so, what do you think i should do with the fifty copies that i bought? i was thinking a nice dress for christmas...
so, i've been thinking a lot about a discussion we had at work. i haven't been married as long as a lot of the people i work with. plus, i'm on husband #ONLY-no crap! if he bumps his head and decides he doesn't want to do right, i'm stocking up on batteries...i'm not for the foolishness! but, back to this discussion. my name is legally keandra perkins-willis. the "perkins" is because my two sons i had before i met my husband are perkins-that's my link to them. also, when i kreate, it's a tribute to my father who passed away because he was kreative as HELL!!!! but, i AM keandra WILLIS. i'm feelin' what the Lord said about leavin' and cleavin'. my thing is, i wish to be referred to as willis and i want my wishes respected. well, i work with some of the hatin'-est (if that's not a real word, it SHOULD be!!!) people EVA! they told me that marriage is not about love anymore. according to them, the only reason that i'm so into my husband is because we're relatively new to one another...after 10 years or so we'll start taking one another for granted! WOW!!! i understand what the statistics say: 60% of all marriages end in divorce. but, i feel that 90% of those should have never been together in the FIRST place. come on! how many relationships have you had which ended and you said to yourself: i never should have even given THAT fool my PHONE NUMBER!!! when he first LOOKED at me, i should have run away screaming!!! plus, if you don't WORK AT keepin' it good...how is it supposed to STAY good? if you stop giving each other little surprises (like that stripper pole i had installed in the bedroom...no, i'm joking...or AM I ?!?!?) how can you keep it fresh? tell me what you think: how long have you been married? do you believe in true love? do you think that all marriages lose the ooh la la or is it just that you have to work at keepin' it real?
i'm sittin' here typing like i didn't just do a 9 hour shift! i'll be back soon. no kreating today for me. i have to step away from my kraft studio and klean up before i'm divorced!


Jaime Lynne said...

Congrats! Congrats! So proud of your paper pub and it's a great lo, too.

I've been married five years. Not long. But divorce is not an option and we work very hard at our relationship. I think your thoughts are good and I have a feeling that you and Mr. Willis stay together forever!

You really crack me up!

Cathy said...

Congrats. I love that page too. The bubbles look wonderful.

Jenniwren32 said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the blog love you left me today.

Congrats on your pub!!! - Love the layout. You're right, once you get published you definitely get addicted!(LOL)
Although I think you are getting a little carried away. "Bikini clad bod next to a sports car"- We might have to take YOU to a 12 step program!!! :)

Blue Banana said...

WOOHOO!!! CONGRATS!!!! I looooooove the page babe!!

.charity.sorrells said...

WhoOp WhOop!! You go girl!!! I'm buying 50 copies when they hit my area and you can sign them all when you come up to visit!!!

Well, you already know.....hubby #1 flew the coop a LONG time ago. When i was a kid, he was the one i should have run screaming from. Because of our past lives, my Mr. Big and I aren't ever going to be married. We've been together for 7+ years and it still feels great! Working at it is def the key to a happy life together.

Cindy Gay said...

I love that you were published in Somerset Memories. All scrapbook mags should publish your work!
Re: your marriage, you still have the spark. Great they you acknowledge that in your layouts and highlight his good points. You always have ups and downs, but continue to focus on the fun parts and things will be good. Cindy (& Bob) 34 years!

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