02 February 2009

Scrap Pages-8 Clean House-0

Sorry it's been so long since i blogged, peggy...i'm slippin'!!!! i don't know WHO won the super bowl, don't know the last time i cleaned but i DO know that i got to kreate yesterday. if hubbs hadn't disturbed me i would have kreated more. you buy a man a 42" tv for christmas and know that the super bowl is coming on and you THINK he's gonna be occupied...LIES AND GARBAGE!!!! between innings, my husband kept running to the bedroom, asking if i had energy. i've had bronchitis for the past week and a half and i've been in bed most of that time. obviously, scrapping is equivalent to running 15 laps in the backyard (according to my hubbs!) anywho, i'm gonna do a super post in honor of the superbowl (won by the steelers, said ahmad!) and the fact that i haven't blogged in forever!!!!

my sister got married the day after christmas. they abandoned their cinderella ball plans and just decided to get married the monday before christmas. yeah, i asked her if she's pregnant, but she denied it...well, time will tell!!!!

i got my stamps from sinapore from this sweetie. i thought it was so wonderful that she just sent a total stranger some scrap yummies. you KNOW i have to send her a treat for being so wonderful!!!

typepad HATES ME!!!! i've been trying to upload my buzz and bloom projects to no avail! hopefully it'll be straightened out this week so that i can post with my b & b sisters! don't wait for me, though...go here to see the rest of the girls' goodies...they are SO TALENTED i love being on the same team as them! and they are teaching me SO MUCH!!!! bjay taught me how to do the hyperlink thing...see, i'm coming into the electronic age SLLLLOOOOWWWWLY!!!!

i treated myself to a making memories carousel today! i've loved them from afar for a long time but REFUSED to pay $50 for it! i had a 50% off coupon for michael's so...happy FEBRUARY TO ME!!!! oh! i want to pass on some good info...michael's now accepts competitor's coupons! so, you can use hobby lobby's 40% off coupons or whomever's there!!!! (enabler alert! guess i should have let you know i was enabling at the BEGINNING!!!) this is great news for me because michael's is much closer than hobby lobby and they have coupons more often. i need more embellies right now like another hole in my head, but i must have some storage. i'm working feverishly (LIES AND GARBAGE!!!) on organizing my studio! i really do want it organized. i took before pix and everything. i would post them but then i would have to shank you all! once i get it organized, i'll show you the disaster that it is now! well, gotta go entertain hubbs now, so i'll post again some time this week!


Peggy said...

Hi Kiwi(??), I guess you read my comment on the sb.com site LOL! I'm sitting here right now thinking you wrote this post especially for me LOL!!! Congrats to your sister, that sure was a quick decision!
Typepad hates you, my computer hates me!!!! He's been falling out all day yesterday, middle in something I'm typing the whole thing just shuts down ... I have to reboot every single time. I tried a few things but since I don't know a thing about computers, I hope I haven't made things worse ... ah well, so far so good ...
I saw you had some new entries over at sb.com, I'll check them out later. First I wanna make back-up of the thousand and more photos I have on my hard disk ... I'm scared to death one of these moments this pc is going to shut down and crash completely ... I couldn't stand losing all my photos. I should have done this ages ago of course, but that's how I am I guess...
I'm starting to think husbands are all the same all over the world... I've been sick two weeks ago, and when I occasionaly got up to get some scrapping done or leave some comments, I got the evil eye ... housework NO, a little lovin' attention NO, scrapping YES ... just not done in his eyes LOL.

Talk to you later!
xxx Peggy

lydie said...

i love this page so much !!!

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