03 December 2008


...if you don't have 20 minutes to devote to reading this post, you should ESCAPE NOW!!! i promised to give you all an update on how my birthday was celebrated and i shall keep my word! i've been trying to figure out which room in the house ATE the wire that i need to upload my pix into the computer to no avail. so, you'll just have to wait for the scrap pages to SEE how my celebration went. for now, just VISUALIZE as you read!
hubbs took me and the littlest boys to the beau rivage resort and casino in biloxi, mississippi (how many of you can write mississippi without silently saying it to yourself?) on monday, the 17th. we don't gamble but we DO love to relax and EAT!!!! the casino buffets have the BEST FOOD!!! plus, they sent you coupons to stay free if you feed the one armed bandit a little. but, i digress. we didn't have any plans for our time in biloxi except to relax and enjoy ourselves so it was really laid back. we took the boys to the movies to see "soul man". pretty funny but i wish i had known that EVERY OTHER WORD was a curse word...we definitely wouldn't have taken ahmad to see that! it kinda made me sad, too, because bernie mac and isaac hayes both died after making the movie (in the same week...did you know that?) and to me, both of them LOOKED sick! hubbs also took me to hobby lobby and let me run around uninterrupted for about 45 minutes (how great is HE?!?!). otherwise, we just ate, hung out in the arcade, ate, shopped and ate for the four days that we were there. on my actual birthday, which was friday, my hubby gave me the greatest card and 10 bottles from bath and body works. plus, he cooked some of my favorites: fried shrimp and oysters, crab cakes and fries. don't worry! it wasn't ALL artery cloggin' food...we DID have green salads! my parents came over and we had ice cream and cake after eating. the next day, hubbs took me out to dinner and to Barnes & Noble where he let me run around for about half an hour uninterrupted. he MADE ME do him somethin' dirty...i couldn't help it! he treated me SO WELL that he deserved a treat, too! :)
the entire family ended up with the ebola virus. no, wasn't that bad but it felt like it. so, i ended up missing a few days of work. when i was supposed to return thanxgiving night, kea's tempurature (which had been 101 for two days), spiked to 103. so, we ended up in children's hospital that night. the doctor said he just picked up whatever we had. when i DID return to work on sunday, my friends there gave me a party...of course i was not fit to work afterwards! my partner on the machine at work gave me an oil of olay gift pack...is that a gift or a HINT? just wondering.
do you know what's so cool? when you ask a fellow krafter where she got some scrap supply you can't live without from and she responses to you. i was reading sasha farina's blog and emailed her about some of the letter stamps that she used. not only did i get an answer...she's mailing some to me...how hard does SHE rawk?!?!?
well, i have to sleep before dealing with the post office tonight. if you're still here, check out the layouts i created. these are some of the ones i started last week and just got a chance to finish. i set a goal to complete 450 layouts before january 1st and so far i've done 314...think i'm gonna make it?
This first lo is a picture of kea when he first started sitting on his own. i covered the actual picture with patterned paper and utee.
This girl has been my friend since we were 12. We started talking again last month-this pic is actually from election day.
This sweetie is ADAEZE, my friend abena's daughter. while we were visiting with her, her mom and brothers, she drew this great horse for me and i HAD to scrap it!
and of course you know the kid! this is kea during that breast cancer walk we did a while back!
I really need to cook dinner and sleep now! Hopefully I get to blog again tomorrow...I really have some questions about your thoughts on marriage. Kreate beauty tonight!


Jaime Lynne said...

K, bummer that you got sick but so glad your celebration was great. And these los... FABULOUS! Adore you!

Sasha said...

Dang girl you got sick .. now that is just not cool, BUT I am gald that you had an awesome celebratiion boo..now off to them layouts GIRL those layouts are fabulous and I really love KNOCKED OUT lololol .. he was gone .. hope everything else is going good for you. I just got back .. I been gone girl ..


Rochelle said...

Sounds like you had a great time other than everyone getting sick! That was cool of Sasha! :)

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