14 February 2010

Let me warn you...there will be sex...

...talked about in this post! But, first...let's talk about why I felt like this

all week long. Well, for my foreign readers and for those of you who have generally been residing underneath a rock this week...


You have to understand how we celebrate here in New Orleans. Every year, my Daddy hosts a playoff party and the next week, my uncle Gerald hosts the SuperBowl celebration. My Dad and Uncle Gerald are not blood related. But, they HAVE been friends since they were FIVE so he's as much my uncle as the ones my Grandmother gave birth to! Soo, every year our families get together and party for the playoffs, Super Bowl and Mardi Gras. We have our off screen entertainment

our family photo ops...

...these three men who have collectively waited over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS for the New Orleans Saints to win a Super Bowl...

...my three cheesin' guys...

and just generally a WHOLE LOT of SCREAMIN'!!!!
(Winning the Super Bowl brings the ghetto out of me!) Our family celebrated for two days and we've had a TIME trying to catch up on the tasks that went undone during our celebration! THEN, it's Mardi Gras time here...we probably won't fully recover until NEXT weekend!!!!

I know you're probably wondering why I'm blogging on love day...well, my WONDERFUL husband gave me the biggest part of my present YESTERDAY! BAYBEE, I put my cute shoes on

and we drove to Biloxi to see this man


This man has been entertaining for SOO many years and he is one performer who TRULY hasn't been affected by the passage of time! When the show opened, his band and background singers were onstage, but Jeffrey started singing offstage. He was SOO clear and precise that my husband, who sang in the choir for a number of years SWORE that it was a recording playing! John RAVED the entire show about how AMAZING the man sounded! And he did when he sang...On the Wings of Love....Concentrate on You...Only Human...PARTY HEARTY...Back in Love Again...We Both Deserve Each Other's Love (my favorite song on our wedding CD!)...baybee, I....CUT...UP!!!!! He was AMAZING and SOO down to Earth! He came off the stage and went through the audience letting his fans "WOO WOO WOO!". When he said good night, I shared my Patti LaBelle experience with John.

It was 1999 and my best friend, Emanuel bought me a ticket to see Patti LaBelle because I was 28 and had NEVER been to a concert. My friend and I grooved along with Patti, watching her sing her HEART out. At the end, she said goodnight and every one started filing out of the auditorium...only to rush back when Patti started singing again. Maybe 10 SECONDS after I finished telling my husband about PATTI, JEFFREY came out to sing another song! FLIPPIN' AWESOME!!!! The sign of a great entertainer, I tell ya!!!

Afterwards, John and I waited along with a hundred others for an autograph. You HAVE TO love an entertainer who performs for two hours and then calmly signs autographs and tickets for his fans! I love that he didn't rush anyone, patiently answering questions and posing for a million pictures. When it was our turn, he signed a CD for the Willis Family and I took this picture of my husband and Jeffrey

My husband, in turn took this

You know, as a scrapper, I could spend DAYS obsessing over how I missed having a great shot of myself and Jeffrey Osborne but really, I'm not trippin'. Life is SOOO short! I had a GREAT time...I got OTHER good shots of a great entertainer...AND I have an excuse to get John to take me to see Jeffrey again!

SOOO, because my husband gave me such a wonderful love day present, I got this
and this

for him! I'm so excited to see his reaction! I'm a firm believer in keeping the excitement in a marriage! I love being able to give him a gift today that we'll be able to use over and over. The checks are all marked "UOME" and have tasks like "lap dance" and "one striptease". I'm excited because being handed these checks will force me out of my comfort zone and (in the words of the immortal El DeBarge) OOOH...I LIKE IT!!!! And, the BOOK! I ordered it from Urban Outfitters and when I opened it, I just smiled. Some of the positions...WOW!!! There are SOOO many I'd like to try...some that I know we could NEVER attempt. Like the one on the cover...looks interesting, right!?! But,alas, I'm a big girl and I'd hate to be in the emergency room with my husband on February FIFTEENTH,explaining to the doctors that my husband's spine snapped attempting to HOIST me during position NO. 435! Naw, some of them we just have to DREAM ABOUT!!! The book also has space for NOTES on each page...you know so you can document which positions made you WOO WOO WOO...AWWWWWESOME!!! I'll be back soon with some scrappy/Mardi Gras related pictures...how soon depends on how many pages we cover in our lesson book tonight! By the way, the winner of the Making Memories cutting mat is Princess! Email me @keandra@kreatorvillekraft.com with your info and I'll ship that out to you! I haven't forgotten about the Saints giveaway...I'll get that together this week! HAPPY LOVE DAY!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

omygosh!!! u crack me UP!!!! that comment about being in the hospital on the 15th and your hubbys spine...lol lol lol...girlllllllllllll i haven't laughed that hard in ages!! thanks for that!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Pippa said...

Oh you're too funny! I was actually laughing out loud reading this. What cracked me up most was the photo that you're darling husband took! Good luck making your way through the check book! Should be lotsa fun :)

Kerry said...

You lucky girl. What a thoughtful husband.

Hope you had fun last night lol. You made me laugh so much.

Vel said...

Bwahahahah LOVE your gifts! And hey, I'm almost positive that's a bit of a smile on John's face in those pics. Woohoo!

*charygirl said...

Love those shoes, they're adorable!
So how many checks did John try and turn in already?! :) You know men give them an inch and they want a mile....LOL! Feel Better Sweetie!

Jenneke said...

What a funny post again, Keandra!!!
The picture your husband took, the presents you bought each other, everything made me laugh so hard!!!
Hope the two of you will have a lot of fun! And when I need some advice, I'll e-mail you ;-)))))

Hugs, Jenneke

sarah said...

hahahha!!! i have seen that book before... and it cracked me up!! :)

and yeah, it's all about keeping the excitement alive! :)


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