06 November 2009

i have a new neighbor...

...but i'm not sure if i like her or not. i mean, she seems like a cool chick...very stylish! but, she's always talking business...her business THIS and her business THAT!!! you know i'm all about the family and quality time making memories with them so i'm not sure if our friendship will blossom or not. check her out yourself...let me know what you think!


Jenneke said...

I LOVE your neighbour!!!!!
Think I'm going to visit her often!!
Good luck!


*charygirl said...

Oh yeah! She soooo business minded. But I think you could live with it! She might even become your bread and butter if you sweet talk her enough....snicker

KayKay said...

I think she's cool i guess. You have an open persinality so yall waill most likely get along. (i hope lol)


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