17 November 2009


...READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! check out my FIRST INTERVIEW with Essense Vibez here:

::Interview with Keandra Willis::

check this out, have you ever met someone online and feel their spirit shine through your screen when you're chatting with them?--if you've ever chatted with KIWIKREATOR KEANDRA, you know what i'm talkin' about!!--this woman has been my inspiration for some time now and yes, she knows it!--what i love about KIWI {what i passionately call her} is her beauty, her honesty, her way of making you think and how she can turn things around when you're feelin' like crap-a-doodle after a long day or puttin' up with everyday life--i'm so feeling her passion to create--you talkin about an artist!!--KEANDRA has evolved!--sit back, relax and read about this incredible woman whom i love from bottom of my heart and soul--:

(you can click the link to read the rest!) thanx to pam for allowing me such a wonderful opportunity to express myself and my views!!!


Jenneke said...

I read it!!!
GREAT interview, Keandra!! Your answers are sooo funny!


Vel said...

GREAT interview! You're officially my superstah friend! ;)

*charygirl said...

Read it first thing....loved it to the very end!

Julie Howard said...

That is way too cool! What a great interview. When you get all famous and I be in your entourage?

KayKay said...

That was a nice interview!! Your Ms. Famous NOW LOL

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