03 June 2009

this man...

...turned 43 on the 2nd! so, i stayed in the kitchen most of the day doing this:
until i had this:now, the man was out all day working with our pastor and a visiting church group. they were here to help rebuild our part of town (still a mess from katrina!). so, i made SURE to draw his bath (filled with bubbles, epsom's salt and bath beads) and i had his plate ready with a SMILE when he walked inside. do you know what MY husband said? "bay, i'm too FULL to eat!" seems the pastor took him to a BUFFET for lunch to thank him for all the work he did! if i didn't like him SO MUCH (my husband, not the pastor!) and if i thought i could get away with it...i would have SHANKED him!!!!

MAN!!! last weekend was SO busy but SO amazing!
*jamani graduated friday from high school...uhm, think i've told y'all that a time or SEVENTEEN
already! LOL!!! i was SO proud and happy when they announced JAMAL shawn perkins-
smith...what the HAM SANDWICH was up with THAT?!?!? i told him he should have just
stood there until they said it right! now, forever and ever we have to watch the video of
JAMAL walking across the stage...some foolishness, i tell ya!
*my mom who lives in florida came down to spend the weekend with us, so i had both of my
moms under one roof for the first timesince i got MARRIED! i guess the next time i'll see that is when somebody DIES! (God forbid!) anywho, my mom from florida started teaching me how to
crochet! i don't know how to connect anything yet but i can crochet the HECK outta that one
strand! i'll practice that and get some more lessons from her in the next few months!
*john and i went to my 20th reunion prayer brunch saturday. baybee, let me TELL YA: we had
CHURCH up in THERE, y'all! we had people testifying, preaching and SANGING (which is
actually BETTER than singing!) we had people cryin' all up IN there! oh, you KNOW i was
one of 'em (as john would say, with my SENSITIVE tail!) i tear up when someone has a
hangnail in a MOVIE!! i REALLY boo hooed when the class president announced to everyone
that the girl they all said looks like me...well, we found out about five years ago that we are
biological sisters! i was REALLY bawling then! i did a layout about it...wanna see it? here it
i was SO drained when i left there! i just wanted to SLEEP for about three days straight...ALAS, there's no rest for mamas who commit to all of these different freakin' events in one weekend...or however that saying goes! hubbs and i got a few winks saturday night and got up early sunday to prepare for jamani's brunch. i wish i had taken a picture of the GALLONS of grits and LEGION of hash browns, biscuits,sausage patties AND links, plus scrambled eggs and grilled fish my husband and i made but i didn't...ya girl was tired and not thinking straight! as soon as we fed everyone and ushered them out (think:martin "everybody get to STEPPIN'!!!) we got dressed and went out to the riverview for our class picnic. we ate, took pictures and danced for about two hours. when we left there, we took my mom to the french quarter to stock up on some oils before she went back to florida. we FINALLY got to rest for a few hours once we got home sunday! great times were had...great memories were made...but i don't want to have such a full weekend again ANYTIME SOON!!! as soon as i finish this post, i'll get back to preparations for ahmad's 13th birthday celebration friday. i might be kinda NUTS because i'm hand decorating everything myself! ahmad has been a GREAT HELP with the cricut and the cutter! of COURSE, i'll take plenty of pix! and by the way, my mom didn't laugh TOO hard when i showed her the pix of kea writing on the floor! i was surprised; i expected at least ONE hearty "HA!!!!" or a "nan-nan-a-boo-boo!" but she just kinda chuckled...she's SLIPPIN'!


Peggy said...

So you got the cards huh? I sent them to you on the 26th, I would have thought it would have taken longer. If there's ever anything else you see and like, just let me know, I'll get it to you in a heartbeat ... well okay, it might take me a bit longer than that LOL. I'm still ashamed that it took me so long to get to the post office, the cards had been lying ready on my desk for ages! Funny story btw, I went to the post office to post your letter, and there was a sign on the door that the office was closed ... no date, no mentioning why, no mentioning when it would be open again. Luckily, a postman just drove by delivering letters, so I asked him what was up ... seems that the office had been closed for over a year now haha! We now, listen closely, have to go to the supermarket (???!!!) in our neighbouring village to send packages and overseas letters ... what the f...??? Anyway, it turned out for the better, because postal workers are assigned by the state and are only fired under extreme circumstances, so most of the time they are very slow workers and not very polite, because they know they can get away with it. So service was actually a lot better in the supermarket, go figure haha!

I loved the story of your hubby's reaction to your work in the kitchen. I even read it out loud to my husband, you have such an entertaining writing style! I felt a bit ignorant as well, because really, I would have thought all signs of Katrina would have been gone by now. My husband assured me they weren't, as I could already gather from your remark. At the time, Katrina and New Orleans was all over the news, and of course we were all shocked by the footage we got to see. But once it was over, news stopped arriving. That's always the case with the news, they report on something but fail to follow up on the story.

Congratulations on Jamals (haha) graduation!! Now I ask you, how on earth can they make such a mistake???

The LO with your sister is gorgeous, and yes, you two do very much look alike, you're both gorgeous with the most beautiful smile!!! You've only known for 5 years that you were sisters ... you'll have to tell us that story one day... Your mentioning the two of your moms probably had something to do with that ... when I first read it, I figured you were talking about your mom and your mother-in-law, but I guess it's a whole different story altogether...

And finally, I had a good giggle with your last remark ... "she's slipping" haha! You crack me up!

btw, you asked me my address a while back (sorry, I'm so far behind on my comments...), did you get it from the envelop, or should I send it to you through sb.com? You've made me curious now as to why you want it! Mind you, I wouldn't mind having a Keandra-original (hint hint) haha!!!

Love xxx Peggy

Peggy said...

As if my first comment wasn't long enough haha, I forgot to say:


xxx Peggy

Jaime Lynne said...

Happy, happy birthday!

K, you have so much personality. It just oozes out as you write. I love it!

Thomisia said...

Gorgeous LO and now you gonna have me singing that song, lol.

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