20 June 2009

two warnings...

...for you! first of all, i haven't blogged in 13 days (forgive me readers, for i have slacked!). so, this is going to be an EXTREMELY long post! don't worry, though...just bookmark the site and read the rest over the next few days (YEP...it's gonna be THAT LONG!) on to more serious information: if you don't ALREADY HAVE a baby daddy, i IMPLORE you to please not give into the temptation of getting one! now, i don't mean those nurturing, caring men who are available and involved with your kids! no!!! webster's defines "baby daddy" as...what?!? it's not in YOUR dictionary?!?!? well, it's in MINE! i'll just read it TO YOU! it says: "baby daddy-adj:an idiot whose sole focus in life is to cause you to be stricken with a troubling illness (i.e. ulcer, stroke, heart attack). one who feels irritating his child's mother is more important than time spent with the aforementioned child". THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE!!! trust me...i have a baby daddy!!! when i met ahmad's father, he had a touch of crazy...now he has a full blown case. i think he's lost his mind along with his hair! here's the deal: we went to court a few years ago and ahmad was ordered to be with his father every other weekend and from june 7 to august 7th every summer...with the exception of july 4th. now, his father lives in georgia so that every other weekend thang? that was a performance that was 'specially for the judge...you all would have LOVED court that day! there were violins playing and every thang!!! anywho, his MOTHER gets ahmad every other weekend and every summer we have the same argument: he takes the team he coaches (even though he can't work with HIS SON...i digress) to orlando every july 4th so he wants to keep ahmad. THIS year, we asked him if he could do just that: keep ahmad for the 4th and let him come home a week early. that way, mama could visit cha, the family could visit disney and we would all be happy! well, you know the FOOL...excuse me, the father said no! i KNOW it's not of God to wish someone would get run over by a bus, so i'll just pray for that dude! LADIES!!!TAKE my experience...live it...learn it!!!! and if an idiot walks up to you and asks to be your baby daddy...SPIT ON HIM!!!
whew! glad i got that off my chest (happy thoughts...happy thoughts!) ahmad's party was great! it wasn't new orleans hot that day. our heat is different from other places because of the humidity. the thermometer might say 90 degrees but it actually feels like 195 degrees! it was really windy that day so no one spontaneously combusted! i made the first birthday cake i've made since i was a teenager!
now, i'm a pretty smart lady! i think i know sumthin sumthin! now i get the opportunity to teach YOU a lil sumthin sumthin: there are certain things you CAN experiment with adding to a receipe and other times you should leave well enough ALONE!!! you see, i have a receipe for cream cheese pound cake...the BOMB!!!! but, ahmad wanted a chocolate cake. so, mama decided "SCREW looking for a receipe for CHOCOLATE cake...i'll just add cocoa powder to THIS receipe!"....nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! it was the strangest looking cake i've ever seen! it felt like it weighed 25 lbs! my dad took one taste and told me, "girl, cocoa powder leaches the MOISTURE out of the cake!" (OHHHHHH!!!!) well, i know better for NEXT TIME!!! and there WAS a next time because i made TWO CAKES for john's party! i'll get to that in a minute! here are some shots from mahd's day:

i took some pretty HAWT shots (if i may say so myself!) but NONE of them (other than the one of ahmad!) can touch THIS ONE:for those of you who haven't already been KNOCKED OVER THE HEAD with this: this is my BABY!!! the first male child i carried in my womb...the first one i fed and nurtured and beat down (only when he needed it!). but, when i looked at this picture, i was like, DANG!!!! he doesn't look like a baby....he's a SEXY young man!!! i can see women batting their eyes at him and coyly asking, "do you see anything you LIIIIKE?!?!" aww, man! i hope he doesn't go away to college and hook up with someone who wants him as a play toy. if you all EVER get a post from john saying i'm in jail, you KNOW someone played with my baby and i had to SHANK her! i need you all to get together and get my address from taj, julie or jaime lynne so that you can all rally together and make scrapbooks for my family. because as taj pointed out, i won't be allowed to have scissors in jail!!!
speaking of taj, i got this delivered to me this past week:
i had such a good time going through all my goodies and i've already started kreating with them! it feels good to have people who understand this obsession and CONTRIBUTE to it! like peggy! i commented on some playing cards she used in some of her art and she sent me some...all the way from her little town!!! i'm gonna do a layout soon about all the great folks i've run across while kreating art!
ok, i've bored you long enough, so i'll save the story of john's party for the next post! one last thing: check out the layout i kreated for lotus this week:

the prompt is to use negative space...you likee?!?!? then get over there and play!!!! i have it on GOOD AUTHORITY that the other lotus buds rawked it hard, too...so GO AND SEE!!! i promise to be back soon with pix and drama from john's party!!!


Peggy said...

Sweet sweet Keandra (oh yes, you mentioned me again, that deserves a double sweet LOL, especially since you failed to mention that it took me months to get those cards to you LOL), that was NOT a long post LOL, I know you can do better!! I wish we could meet, we probably would be fighting within 5 minutes for who gets to talk first haha, or maybe we just wouldn't care and we would both talk at the same time haha, I can so picture this!!

So first I've got to say this, and don't take this the wrong way: when seeing that awesome pic of your "baby", I do admit my first thought was: mmm, now that's one sexy dude!!!! (sorry :-) ) I think I commented on his looks in my previous post as well, but this pic ... wow! Definitely not a baby anymore.

I looooove the LO. I saw this one on the Lotus Paperie site, and it immediately catched my eye (though I didn't know it was yours, it was my instant fav!).

Not much to say about Ahmad's dad ... only because you seem to think I'm a sweet gal LOL. Otherwise, I could think of a few names to call him LOL.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your stories.
Big hugs xxx Peggy

Peggy said...

I reread my comment, and boy I do use that LOL thing a lot! Sorry, it's just my way of expressing that I'm sitting here laughing at the mere thought of the two of us together, babbling each other's ears off and just giggling time away like a couple of teenagers ... LOL.
hihi xxx Peggy

KateB said...

you have me cracking up and smilin-I cannot relate to baby daddy drama (my hubbys PDC=Pretty damn cool) BUT I think he said "no" to the change in plans just to piss you off...I'll keep it clean :) I loved looking at the pics of the kids and family and continue to look at your great scrapbboking creations...love to see the flair in your pages and words :)


carylhope said...

Greetings from Singapore! Finally got to check my fave blogs in the comfort of my living room in pjs... :-)

Love reading your stories and seeing your work and the family... you are so right about your "baby", I can picture girls swooning {lol}... he is a HUNK {Slang. A sexually attractive man with a well-developed physique} and you have every right to pummel any girl who plays with his feelings.{lol} I can relate on this, I am sometimes surprised to see my son all grown up, seems like yesterday I was chasing little feet.... where has the time gone? Can't relate on the "baby daddy" though but what he did was petty... some people can be so immature! I hope you'll get to settle it and pray things will work out as planned. :-)

.charity. said...

Girl, you KNOW i will be in the cell next to you for the Baby Daddy/Momma situation. I feel your pain and your ulcer! Hang in there....

And that the best Dr. Seuss cake I've seen in a while, bet that would go great with my chicken BarBQ when you finally make it up this way ;)


SkyeMJ said...

Keandra - this is the first time I've popped over to your blog from the Embellished Site! So many gorgeous things to look at here - the cake is fabulous! Your LO is amazing, and I have to agree, you son is one very hot boy! (Please, dont Shank me for that! LOL)

Take care!

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