09 February 2009

Easy like Sunday Morning

this is how we do weekends in new orleans:
if you've never had crawfish, come on down...hubbs and i will show you how to do 'em RIGHT!!!! they look like miniature lobsters but they taste 100 times better...in my opinion! i love well-seasoned food and crawfish done right....sorry about the drool on the screen. we got chicken tenders from burger king for kea (did you know that they're shaped like crowns? TOO CUTE!) and sat out on the lakefront. it's about 76 degrees here with a slight breeze...beautiful. we may have a few weeks of winter here every year...then it's back to the heat! hubbs was supposed to build some bookcases for me this weekend, but i guess the daiquiri disabled him (RRRIIIGGGHHT!!!!) we still have a storage unit in baton rouge (where we evacuated before katrina) and the majority of my books that i've accumulated over the past four years are in there. it's bad enough that i lost ALL of my books in the hurricane...now the ones i've collected again are probably desert for the rats. if i go to that storage and the majority of my books are in tatters... BAAYYY BAYYY!!!! mama is NOT gonna be a happy camper!!!! we're doing a family walk this evening because we need to release the fat...well, john and i do. ahmad and kea are skinny minis! hubbs and i feel like we're stuck in a relacore commercial! we're hoping to shape up some before the crescent city classic which is in april. we did the 6.5 miles last year and we're hoping to make it an annual family to do. anywho, i'm hoping to persuade hubbs to get the wood for my bookcases once we leave the park this evening...wish me luck!
also, i've decided to do a few challenges this week: scrapmojo; dreamgirls; the design xperiment; and pencillines. oh, i don't know HOW i'm gonna do them all, plus the rest of my buzz and bloom posts along with cleaning, cooking, working, playing with the boys (including my BIG boy ;) but i'm just sharing my pipe dreams, i mean plans with you!
typepad and i weren't on good terms but i guess we're cool now. i'm finally able to do my posts for Buzz and Bloom. i'm so relieved!!!! i told helene and div that i thought they had secretly kicked me off the design team. they assured me that they still want me! so, go on over to the Buzz and Bloom blog and check out my posts when they're finally up. don't leave without checking out the other girlz work...they freakin' RAWK! later!!!


Peggy said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot of plans, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I wish I could do more challenges, but I'm such a slow scrapper, it takes me days to finish one single LO ... I'm hoping in time this will change, although I doubt it, it's not the actual work that takes me that long, it's deciding on a design, on which papers to use, which embellies, shall I stitch or not ... you get the idea huh LOL.

Talk to you later xxx Peggy

TracyP said...

LOL relacor commercial! Girl I spit coffee all over my screen:)
YAY for exercise! Do some for me too:) it's too cold here to walk:( however I might go for one today it's a Heat wave!! It's 60 Degrees in Feb!!
so did you get your wood for your shelves yet? I want too see some pics when they are all done, Books and all!:)
ok off to check out the Buzz & bloom or bloom and Buzz blog! LOL

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