11 September 2009


....no road trip for us last weekend! jamani actually came home instead to spend time with his girlfrien........brrr................wait! i think i just threw up a little! naw! i'm just joking! i'm actually cool about him having a girlfriend because he's such a cool dude. i really feel that his head is on straight and that he won't mess over or impregnate this girl! so, he came over and beat ahmad up for awhile-obviously that's how they bond! jamani punches ahmad hard enough to cave ahmad's chest in and ahmad screams like a girl! jamani said this is a neccessity since he's 5'9" @ 17 and ahmad is 5'6" @ 13...ahmad will CLEARLY be taller than him so he has to establish that HE'S the man! ummm.....o...k! i'm on john's computer and of COURSE all of my pictures are on MY computer so you've missed out on the yumminess which is jamani this time!

my friend emanuel was in town and he and his wife brought there little boy over. now, emanuel and i have been friends since i was pregnant with ahmad, which is a little over 14 years. when i was a single mom, he was really good with jamani and ahmad, giving them advice and manly support whenever they needed it. so, i always ASSumed that when he had kids i could establish a relationship with them too. the first time i met his baby (in march) he just kinda stared at me like i was an alien. cool...he was 5 months old...i felt that it would get better. when he visited a few months ago he did let me hold him...for about SIX MINUTES!!!! then, he pushed me away and spent the next hour in john's arms. what the h$%&?!!? i'm a MOMMY!!!! i have BREASTS!!!! he was supposed to put his head on my bosom and be lulled by my motherly heartbeat! so, when they visited for labor day, i fully expected the brush off. but, i was pleasantly surprised: he actually stayed with me for about TWENTY minutes before dumping me for john! by the time he's 10, maybe he'll stay with me!!!! i took about a gazillion pix of him, though, because he's gorgeous!!! i DID get one layout done of his pix so far:

this is for our album...i'll make one for his parents....SOMEDAY!!!
please keep my little sister, taj, in your prayers.
her great grandmother (who raised her) just died. she's having a pretty hard time right now, dealing with the same issues i JUST dealt with a few months ago: she never got to say goodbye. just continue praying for her heart to mend!


Anonymous said...

wooow.. try not to shank that girl he calls his girlfriend.. you know how u get..lol.. tell JAmani good luck out there.

.charity. said...

Great layout...you know some kinds don't know a GOOD thing when they have it! He'll come around.

Taj White said...

I am waiting on my Dt blinky, link and everything. Love that ethan lo. so super yummy

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