20 October 2008

so much CRAPPANIN!!!

(That means so much crap happenin'!) My mom's birthday is today. Because I cherish each chance to be with her because she was so sick a few months ago (more on that in a minute), hubbs and I decided to drive with the littlest boy to Baton Rouge to take her and my dad to lunch. We're riding along, minding our own business when a piece of concrete flying up and cracks our rear window into a MILLION pieces! So, instead of spending $60 on lunch with mom, we spent the day and $250 getting the window replaced...if I was a little more ghetto, I would have duct taped a garbage bag to that window and kept rolling! bay-bee, if I was still cursing, I would insert some expletives here to make your neck hairs curl! But, I woo-sai and keep rolling!

At the end of April, I got a phone call telling me that my mom was in the hospital in Mobile, Alabama and that we needed to get there immediately. My mom was a principal and she and my dad drove to Atlanta for her job interview. On the way home, mom started feeling badly so she and my dad figured she was hungry. She vetoed burgers in favors of Kentucky, which HAPPENED to be down the street from the hospital. She passed out in KFC. When she came to, she told my dad that she was still feeling badly so he called an ambulance. My mom's heart stopped in the ambulance and again in the emergency room. They determined that a blood clot broke free from her leg and traveled to her lung. She required surgery and her heart stopped a third time. By the time we arrived at the hospital, she was stablized but in a coma. She had blood flowing from her nose, eyes, ears and mouth. The doctors told us that she probably wouldn't survive through the night. GOD is so so awesome though!!!!! She had to retire earlier than she intended but she's doing well. So, Saturday was her "Celebration of Life". These are a few pix from her day:
My mom's cake

My littlest guy with my 92 year old Grandmother Dorothy
My brother, Sean Michael, sister Arianne, Mom, me and my sister Raashand
We ALWAYS gotta do the prison pose!

The next day hubbs and the littlest dude and I did the Race for the Cure (breast cancer). Between the party and the race, I worked for 9 hours. You can look at my eyes and see how whipped I was...but I'm glad we did the race!My hubbs' friend Zeno, the littlest dude and the MAN!

KREATE something beautiful this week!


Rochelle said...

Hi! Sorry to hear about your window!!

Thanks for leaving love on my blog! :) I was in New Orleans in July for the Essence Festival. Hubby and I loved it! We plan to go back July '09. :)

Nikki said...

That must have been a little scary! Glad you weren't hurt! Happy B-day to your mom! I linked ya in my blog, put mine in yours too! It will make it easier to keep in touch! I always go through my blog links a couple of times a week to check for new posts. Hugs!

Dolores said...

wow you have a beautiful family. What a blessing to be able to celebrate your moms birthday after such a scary time. Thank God!! Sorry about your car.

Jaime Lynne said...

I am so glad that you're mother is doing better. I am sure her school was sad to lose her to retirement, though. And thanks for participating in Race for the Cure. It is such an important event!!

Your family is so beautiful!

Blue Banana said...

I'm back!! Postcard? Isn't it better to see me here?! ;)

Oh! Happy Birthday mama!

TheresaK said...

Thank God your mom is ok!! Thanks for dropping by my blog!~

TheresaK said...

ps...love the title of your post!!

Scrapthatpaper said...

I am sorry to hear about your mom! Bless your heart sweety! Nothing like this is ever easy to deal with. Know that your mom is in my thoughts and prayers.

Sasha said...

WOW, that must have been hard, and celebrating her birthday I am sure was awesome. Thankgoodness she is alright.

Take care

charity.sorrells said...

Oh Mama!! How scary....hopefully she's back to a spunky step & giving you the "grief" you need....snicker. Mum's are good like that aren't they??

WoOp WoOp on the cancer walk girly! I'm so proud of you two!

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