08 October 2008


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Keandra Perkins-Willis

Meet the last of our guest designers for October, Keandra Perkins-Willis...
My name is Keandra Perkins-Willis and I was born, raised, ran from and returned to New Orleans, Louisiana! I am the wife of John (who actually prays to God each night for continued creativity for his wife...how sweet is THAT?!?). I am the mother of six children: three from my womb (Jamani-17;Ahmad-12; and Keanohn-10 months) and three who came with my husband package (Aaron-21;John Jr.-20; and Engela-17). In my alternate life I'm a postal worker but my dream is to grow up to be Heidi Swapp!

You can check out more of Keandra's fabulous work HERE.

Thanks to our fabulous designers!!! Tomorrow I will start posting some pages that customers have created-they rock!!!

I just clicked on the Kraft Girl site and this is what greeted me...tell me THAT doesn't make ya feel all GOOOOD inside! All KINDS of good things happening right now! The new camera that hubbs ordered for me came a few days ago and i'm in love with the thing! i HATE my sony cybershot! i think it may have been ME...it just wasn't the camera for me! the canon powershot G10 is better for me; it treats me right and is consistent. i don't have to wonder if this shot will be blurry or too dark. now, sony, you did look out for me SOMETIMES so i hope you find another photographer to make happy...we just don't click. i NEED the canon in my life...sorry!

We took the littlest boy to the Children's Museum for the first time yesterday. I was really curious to see how he would react because he's never been around another kid his age before...he really COULD NOT care less! Hubbs and I were like, "Noonie, we paid for this membership to expose you to other children and some kiddie culture!" His face was like, "If I cared, I would thank you!" Anywhoo, his dad and I had fun! Here's some pix with the NEW CAM from the Children's Museum:
When I grow up and become less blog challenged, I'll be able to do these posts without all the white space and some interactive thingeys...i LOVE looking at blog pros whose posts say stuff like "you can view her work here" and you just click on the yellow here and you're directed to another site...tha BOMB!!!! anyone who wants to send me a tutorial on how to do this would ALSO be tha bomb! i'll leave you with a page i did for the survivor challenge at tally scrappers...they RAWK! Check back SOON...I got great news today from a MAJOR craft company!


Blue Banana said...

Congrats babe!!! You so deserved it!! Love your work to bits!!!!

Mommy2Liam said...

Congrats! Your work is great! I love the pictures you got!

charity.sorrells said...

Whoo HOo Chick!! I'm sooooo happy for you! It's time Keandra had her props!
And very well written i might add!!
Keep up the good work....can't wait to hear the rest of the good news!!

Jaime Lynne said...

Congrats! The little guy is getting so big!

Pam said...

Well of course you would be featured:) Love the pictures of the kid's museum-he is such a doll! And congrats on a new camera!! Thanks for your post about my baby news! I don't care either way, I would be happy for a boy or a girl, but deep deep deep down...I want antoher girl:)

Cindy Gay said...

Ahh! I love this bio! Didn't know about the alternate life as a postal worker!

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